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May 12, 2013

Tiger Woods


Q.  Kind of an odd couple of days.  How do you feel now?  You've got to leave for five or six hours and come back and play again.
TIGER WOODS:  It's nothing we haven't done before.  Go back home or hotel and get some rest and get back up again this afternoon.

Q.  You've had your share of lipouts?

Q.  Does that just tell you you're right on the hole and they're going to start falling?
TIGER WOODS:  I hit good putts this round, yesterday and today, so I hit a lot of good putts.  They were all around the edge.
The two putts that lipped out on 15 and 17, I pured both of them, so just continue doing what I'm doing.  I'm playing well, and I'm right there.

Q.  What do you know about David Lingmerth?
TIGER WOODS:  He's at 11‑under.

Q.  Is that surprising when you get a rookie making it through at least three rounds here?
TIGER WOODS:  It is a little bit, but then again, you've had Craig Perks do well here too.  So anything can happen here.  This is a golf course that if you're playing well, you're playing well.  Obviously, he's playing well and he's right there.

Q.  Was there any tension with you and Sergio over four holes, and is there any part of you that's glad you guys aren't playing together this afternoon?
TIGER WOODS:  I thought we might get each other this afternoon.  I didn't know we were going to go in twosomes.  I thought there was a good chance of trying to get three to get us in before the storms if they come.  But we're off in two, and I think I'm second to last off.  I think so, but we'll see when I get inside.

Q.  Does it matter?
TIGER WOODS:  It really doesn't, no.  I'm tied for the lead, so I'm right there.

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