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May 9, 2013

Tiger Woods


Q.  Tiger, it's one of your best rounds here in a long time.  Can you just talk about what went right today and how you got there?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I thought I missed all the shots in the correct spots today and left myself some easier up‑and‑downs here.  Up‑and‑downs really aren't too easy around here, but I left myself some good spots where I had a little bit of green to work with, and I made a couple key putts here and there, and I really took care of the par‑5s.  I birdied all of them today, which is nice.

Q.  That would have been your first bogey‑free round here ever?  What happened on that last chip?
TIGER WOODS:  It's a little bit of grainy down there.  I thought about either putting it.  It was too grainy to putt, because it gets up on top and switches grains.  It goes back down grain.  Sometimes I've used a 4‑iron in there, but I thought that might chatter too much.  I thought if my 60 has got too much bounce, so I went with a 56 to try to shallow it out at the bottom and it didn't work out.  The grain snagged it and I hit it short.

Q.  How gettable is the course today and how much tougher do you think it's going to get as we go forward?
TIGER WOODS:  If they don't touch it, it's going to get really tough by Saturday.  Obviously, we're supposed to get some weather come Sunday.  The temperature's supposed to change a little bit, but if they don't do anything to it, it's going to get ‑‑ well, what year was it?  '98, 99 the year David Duval won.  I think I shot 150 on that weekend and moved up.  I don't foresee it being that fast, but it could get there by Saturday afternoon.

Q.  You didn't seem to use the driver much; was that because of the course layout or why?
TIGER WOODS:  It was going so far out there.  Like on 18, I had 200 yards to the hole, and I hit a little 8‑iron in there and it flew flag high.  3‑woods were going over 300 yards.  My 5‑wood was getting out there near 300.  The ball is just traveling today.  It's so hot, so warm, and you get the right wind, and it's going a long way.

Q.  Is that a new driver or new driver shaft?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, I went back to my old shaft.  It helps not being hurt.  I'm able to generate the speed like I used to, and I'm able to handle that shaft again.

Q.  You were 9 behind before you even teed off.  Did you even notice that?  Does that change anything?  Is it hard to deal with that at all?
TIGER WOODS:  You know, I've seen that a lot, but not at this golf course.  You might see it the years at Flint.  One year 8‑under wasn't even in the Top 5 after the first day.  So I've seen tournaments like that but never here.
Obviously, the warmth and the smoother greens in the morning, guys got after it.  By this afternoon, I was saying earlier, you know, Sneds had a couple putts out there that just bounced off line pretty good, and I had one at 15 that was a little dicey.

Q.  That second putt on 15, it looked like you were really happy you made it, and then you slammed your putter down.
TIGER WOODS:  I was trying to decide, well, first of all, which side of the spike mark am I going to try to put it on?  And I went with the right side because the grain was going the opposite direction, and it didn't‑‑ hey, it kicked it off line and it worked out in the end.  I got lucky.

Q.  Are you surprised that you've never gone through here without a bogey or would you be more surprised the other way given the difficulty of the course and everything?
TIGER WOODS:  This is a tricky golf course.  It doesn't take much to make a bogey around here.  I think that's kind of what Pete had intended, and I'm sure that most of the guys throughout their careers really haven't had too many other days that are spotless on their cards.

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