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April 18, 2013

Kevin Streelman


Q.  It's hard enough to hit these greens here at Harbour Town, but you putted pretty well.  26 putts for you today.  How impressive was that number to you?
KEVIN STREELMAN:¬† I've been playing well.¬† I put a ton of work in last week for Augusta.¬† Unfortunately it didn't come out that week.¬† Maybe all that hard work is paying off this week.¬† I did a ton of short‑game putting practice, and these greens seem pretty flat after seeing last week.

Q.¬† When you won earlier this year in Tampa at the Copperhead Course in Innisbrook, you made some comparisons to this course:¬† Tree‑lined, tight, you've got to have good ball control; is that a fair assessment?
KEVIN STREELMAN:¬† Yeah.¬† It's a little bit shorter, but similar pine‑tree look off the tee.¬† And just beautiful shape to the holes.¬† You've got to control your golf ball.¬† You've got to trust the direction you go all day.¬† There's major gusts going opposite direction.

Q.  Speaking of Augusta, it's supposed to be a little windy tomorrow, and the weather on the weekend not that great as well.  Did you feel like you had to seize the opportunity to score today under these conditions?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  I guess a little bit, yeah.  At the same time the person playing the best, it separates you that much more when it gets windy out here.  The player striking the ball most purely and the most creative shots is going to get rewarded.

Q.  With that victory on the PGA Tour, what does that do with your confidence, your mentality moving forward now in this tournament?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  It does take a little bit of pressure off me, because I can come out here and just try to win a golf tournament, not necessarily just get in the top 10 or top 5.  Hopefully I'll stay aggressive on the course.

Q.  Very nice playing out there this afternoon.  It got a little easier as the day went on, didn't the wind lay down a little bit for you guys?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  I'd say maybe a touch.  We still had a couple of gusts out there.  We had to be cautious on certain shots and aggressive on others, but that is what makes this course so much fun to play.

Q.  You have heard throughout your career that coming from the Masters to Hilton Head is a nice way to relax after that pressure cooker.  Now you know what that's like.  Explain that to us.
KEVIN STREELMAN:  It is.  You get pulled in all directions from so many sides, family, friends, neighbors and phone calls and tweets and text messages and everything.  This week it's just me and Courtney, Lee Williams and his wife, a little condo.  It's relaxing.  It's fun.
I think some of us, we put so much work into Augusta to get prepared for that, and some of us didn't play as well as we liked.  You know it's going to pay off sooner or later.  For me, I felt really comfortable on my short game, I spent a ton of time on that the last couple of weeks and my putting.  If I can keep that going to the weekend, it would be good.

Q.  I just think you've started playing well on the golf courses that the veterans play well on.  You obviously won in Tampa.  This is a golf course that the veterans play better than the rookies.  You're becoming a veteran?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  It's weird to hear.  This is year 6 now.  Man, it goes fast.  And I'm having a ton of fun.  I do feel I know the courses pretty well now.  Made enough wrong plays that you know where not to miss it.  So I'm figuring that out as we go.

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