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April 11, 2013

Tiger Woods


Q.  (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS:  It was a good day.  A solid day.  I thought the greens were a little bit tough in the sense that they just didn't have the sheen to them, they didn't have the roll out.  A couple of putts, we were talking about it in our group, that just weren't that fast.

Q.  Did you leave some stuff short?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, we were.  Luke hit a couple putts that were short, I hit a couple putts, and so did Piercy.

Q.  Jack was saying earlier when he hit the shot this morning he said that he never spent more than a couple of minutes in conversation with you and you guys hardly ever talk golf.  Have you ever had an occasion to just really sit down and talk about what he did here or golf stuff with him?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, we'll actually have probably more conversations in the years at the President's Cups when he was captain.  We talked quite a bit then.
But I see him at Memorial and we'll have chit chat here and there.  We have a few conversations here and there, but he's right, we haven't spent that much time.
Here's a totally different week.  When it's a Major Championship, we're all very busy and we're all in our own little worlds.  And he gets it, he was there himself.

Q.  Early in the round, 2, 3, 4, you had to make some nice up‑and‑downs to pull the round back together there and sort of give it the momentum to the round.
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I played 1 well.
2 was a poor second shot and left myself just in the absolute wrong angle there.  I had to make a big decision there, whether I go short right of the green or do I go long left.  Because going at the flag I was going to put it to the back right part of the green and that's a 100 some odd foot putt there.
The problem is if I went short right, if I don't hit it far enough, I don't have an angle at the flag, I can't pitch over that bunker.  And then if I hit it too far I'm in the bunker and that's one of the harder bunker shots to get close.
So we had to go long left over the green because chipping back, there's a backstop coming off that lip of the bunker.  And the worst chip we can hit there is probably about six feet.  Chip it past the hole and let it roll off the lip of the bunker.  And that's basically what we did.

Q.  How important is it to be under par today because it was fairly benign.
TIGER WOODS:  Absolutely, it was benign.  Especially starting out.  The wind picked up in the middle part of the round.  Got a little bit swirly there at Amen Corner, as usual.  But overall I think the biggest challenge today was just the speed of the greens.  They just weren't quite there.  They looked it, but just weren't quite putting it.

Q.  70 has been a good number for you on Thursday here.  Do you see it that way?  Is 70 a good number?
TIGER WOODS:  It's a good start.  Some years some guys shot 65 starting out here.  But right now I'm only four back and I'm right there.

Q.  14 was that one that had a problem with speed?
TIGER WOODS:  14 I hit a good second shot in there and I was surprised it went that far.  I went down there and I literally don't have a putt to go at the hole.  So I'm trying to put it 10 feet right of the hole, between 10 and 12 feet, that's about as good as I could do.  And I put it about the 10‑foot mark.  Then I read the putt and it was a putt that, in front of the ball looked like it was going to go left, behind the hole it looked like it was going to go right.  And I just didn't get committed to which way it was going to break.

Q.  If you were trying to putt at the hole from where you were, if you do, what happens?
TIGER WOODS:  I was going to putt it off the ledge to the front.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS:  It was a good solid day.  I hit the ball very solid today and lag putted pretty good today and I made a few here and there.

Q.  Are you standing any closer to the ball on your iron shots?  Because it looked more like '97.
TIGER WOODS:  It's a function of the grip change, the grip change.  My grip was real weak for a number of years there and it promotes standing farther away.  The grip gets stronger so it moves it in.

Q.  How tough was that lag putt on 13?
TIGER WOODS:  Not as tough as years past, because there's not as much run out.  Normally that putt it's hard to get it inside 10‑12 feet because as soon as it gets towards the front of the hole, there's a little lip there, a little ledge, and it just runs right off of it and there wasn't even any of that fear today of it rolling out like it did.

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