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March 17, 2013

Kevin Streelman


Q.  You chip it in at 4 but the tee shot on 13, you weren't aiming at that?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  I was.  I've been working really hard on that cut shot into a right‑to‑left wind, and it just was a perfect number for my 5‑iron.  I go, this is it ‑‑ I remember my coach, Darren telling me‑‑ in practice I go, I hit a good shot there and he goes, when you pull it off on Sunday, then it will be a really good shot.  So I've worked very hard at executing shot and to pull it off on a Sunday was pretty cool.

Q.  Your sixth year on TOUR and you finally get the win, what does this mean to you?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  It definitely has not sunk in yet.  It's a total dream come true.  Ten years ago, I was in a car driving to mini‑tours and the Hooters Tour and Gateway Tour and U.S. Pro Tour, and I've been very blessed, but I've worked very hard to get here, too.  Game is getting harder and younger and these kids are fearless out here.  I've worked diligently and I think smarter as of late, and fortunately it paid off.

Q.  When we spoke yesterday, you had a calm demeanor; how comfortable were you in the final round?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  I was very comfortable.  I just was at peace for most of the day.  We prayed for that quite a bit and just tried to let go of the results and just tried to make one good aim at good targets and try to make good swings all day.  Rolled the ball beautifully all week, to go bogey‑free on this course for the weekend was something I'm pretty proud of and just stayed really patient and got up‑and‑down when I needed to.  Had some good breaks, as well.

Q.  All the years on the mini‑tours, how rewarding is it to finally break through?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  It's amazing.  But I'm looking at this long‑term career thing.  This is a wonderful start, wonderful to get my first win.  Hopefully there's more to come.  I've worked extremely hard and I have worked smart I think.  All of the kids out there, you can't have good enough short games, you can't putt well enough.  Took me a while to learn that but if you want to beat everybody, that's what it takes.

Q.  You're going back to Augusta, you missed the cut in 2011, how much will it mean to drive back down Magnolia Lane?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  It's going to be amazing.  That has not really sunk in yet but to get another home there to rent for the week and to make that drive, a lot of people‑‑ I got in because of the FedEx number the last time I was there and some people thought I shouldn't have been there.  So to get in there and do it on my own this time is really meaningful.

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