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March 8, 2013

Bubba Watson


Q.  How did you play today?
BUBBA WATSON:  Not very good. Today I played solid.  I didn't hit too way wad of a shot.  No. 1 hit a bad shot, made a quick bogey on a hole because I hit a tree but other than that, a solid day and it just wasn't the low scores that everybody else was doing.

Q.  The scores‑‑
BUBBA WATSON:  They made three more putts than I did.  What did Phil shoot today, he shot 5‑under today, he made two less putts than I made.  So it's one of those things, today was just a solid day, a lot of pars but nothing heroic.

Q.  Fun group to play in?
BUBBA WATSON:  Oh, yeah, for sure.  You learn so much.  When you're playing with the greats of the game, I still think of me as a young kid and when you're playing with the greats of the game, you're watching‑‑ first of all, you're watching Phil with the best short game I think this TOUR has ever seen.  And then you're watching mid‑irons, long irons of Stricker, probably the best we've ever seen and then he can putt better than anybody.
So when you're watching those two guys, you're trying to learn from them and take from them and hopefully produce that down the road somewhere.

Q.  What do you think they learned from you?
BUBBA WATSON:  Not much.  I'm goofy.  I don't think they pay attention to me.  I play so different than they do.  I think they look at me going, man, why is that guy so nuts.

Q.  Graeme was talking about the circus atmosphere of playing in a group with Tiger, I'm sure you would rather be closer to the lead but would you rather in some respects almost not be part of that, given emotions that are hard to control?
BUBBA WATSON:  No, I would rather be in the last group no matter who I'm playing with, because that means you're closer to the lead.  If you're fifth‑‑ I think I'm fifth or sixth right now, I'm farther back, so I would rather be there in the last group and see what's going on or what the leader is doing, or hopefully the leader is doing, and attack it from there.
Obviously I think most of my wins, my three wins, three of my four wins are coming from behind, not in the last group‑‑ maybe that's better for me.  Yes, I do want to play in a different group.

Q.  You said that you didn't feel very well in this game; what do you think the factors that make you feel like that?
BUBBA WATSON:  Just my ball‑striking, my putting, everything is going the way I want it to.  I haven't hit too many bad shots.  I've only made two bogeys in two days.  So I'm hitting the ball consistently, hitting the ball where I want it to, and I'm not really having any bad mistakes where it's really costing me.  I'm playing solid right now.

Q.  A tournament with all the big names‑‑
BUBBA WATSON:  My name's at the top.  If we want to get really deep into it, the top 200 in the world are good players, the top 200 in the whole world.  They can all play the game of golf.
Doesn't matter if it's Tiger or a guy ranked 150th in the world, they can all play, they can all make birdies and they can all win golf tournaments.  So every week is a challenge, doesn't matter whether it's this week, where it's the top 65 guys.  Every week is a challenge.

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