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January 31, 2013

Paul Casey


Q.  Going along beautifully at 7‑under, does bogeying the last change how you feel about your day?
PAUL CASEY:  Nice question, Barty (chuckling).  Yes, you idiot (laughing).  Yeah, I'm not particularly happy about that.  Having said that, I played beautifully, and the key to the good play was the driver.  I drove the ball beautifully.  I'll have to look at the stats; I think I might have hit every fairway, when I stood on the tee with a 3‑wood or a driver, which was something I've been struggling with recently, so I'm ecstatic about that.

Q.  Did you anticipate this kind of scoring when you saw the course in practise, because they are going mad out there?
PAUL CASEY:  I scratch my head slightly because we had a letter last week from Mike Stewart, the Tournament Director, to do with the greens and the condition of the greens; and they picked up some kind of disease and they worry about the condition of the greens.  They are absolutely pure.  I have no idea what he was talking about.
It's the best‑conditioned golf course I've played this year by far.  The rough is slightly down.  Obviously the wind is not up.  The guys are going to go bananas when you have a golf course as good as this.  Whatever you do with the golf ball, it's not going to deviate from its line.
It's one of the shorter courses we play in the Middle East swing, so no, I'm not surprised whatsoever.  Maybe surprised with 10‑under as I look at the leaderboard behind you but not surprised that guys are going low.

Q.  There's a feeling amongst the media, me included, that you are starting to play very, very well, is that the feeling you got?

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