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January 28, 2013

Tiger Woods


Q.  Tiger, congratulations, your seventh Farmers Insurance Open, your 75th win of your career, and the seventh time you've started your season with a win.  That's pretty good.
TIGER WOODS:  Not too bad.  I'm excited the way I played all week.  I hit the ball well.  Pretty much did everything well this week, and built myself a nice little cushion.  I had some mistakes at the end.  But all my good play before that really allowed me to afford those mistakes.

Q.  It's really those first 63 holes that put you in that position?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, then once I got to the 8‑shot lead there, we had a couple of hard holes (Indiscernible) and 14, 15, if I could get through those, I thought it was pretty much over.  I made a couple mistakes there, and had a mistake at 17, and I had to grind with it on 18.

Q.  Pretty long day to play 11 holes.
TIGER WOODS:  You're telling me.  I started to lose my patience out there a little bit with the slow play.  A little over three hours to play nine holes and two more after that.

Q.  When will we see you again?
TIGER WOODS:  I'm going to take a little time off.

Q.  Tiger, congratulations.  You started your season the first event with a victory.  What's it mean to you to have a layoff and get a win right away?
TIGER WOODS:  It wasn't exactly a true layoff.  I played last week.  I was only there for a couple days, but I did some really good things last week, and I just wanted to continue that, and I did.
I played great this week.  Pretty much every facet of my game was going.

Q.  What do you think about when you hear the phrase "Tiger Woods now has 75 career PGA tournament wins"?
TIGER WOODS:  It's pretty good.

Q.  Not just old, just good?
TIGER WOODS:  I think it's pretty good.

Q.  The last time we stood here on a Monday at Torrey Pines, you were in immense pain.  Earlier this week you told us you called it "pure pain."  How would you describe the way you feel today?
TIGER WOODS:  Joy.  I feel great.  It's nice to actually walk around here without any discomfort.  That was a different kind of week, but this week was just, I played great and built a nice little lead there.

Q.  Speaking of that lead, you had a huge lead throughout the entire day.  How hard is it to hold things together coming down the stretch when you're playing with that large a cushion?
TIGER WOODS:  I was telling David, I started losing my patience out there.  It was just so friggin' slow.  We played just over three hours and nine holes, and three of them are par threes.  It's like, come on, you know.  I started losing my patience a little bit, and that's when I made a few mistakes.

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