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January 24, 2013

Tiger Woods


Q.  68 and it could have been better, but you have to be pretty happy with the 68 on the first day?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, I am.  I had it to six, and I had a beautiful putt at 14 to get it to 7.  And I get up and down on 18 to get to 4.  So after being 1‑under and then 1‑over, to battle back and get to 6 at one point was a good job.  A 64 for the day on the South is a good number.

Q.  You get out there, is it kind of old hat?  Is it different than two years ago?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, yeah, it is different this tournament, because we didn't play this fast.  We had some rain overnight last night, but still these fairways are zipping.  At least the greens are receptive.  The greens are a little more receptive than in the practice round. (Indiscernible.)

Q.  10‑under on the North or around 7 (Indiscernible)?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, you'd see lower scores when they didn't have the redo.  But we could drive a couple of par‑4s, and all the par‑5s are reachable with mid‑irons.  It's a little different ballgame now.
But with no winds the guys are going to shoot some good scores over there.  Most of the scores are 5‑under and below are all on the North Course.  So, hopefully, tomorrow the weatherman will get it wrong again, and we can go out there and have some conditions like this.

Q.  What is the score you're looking for tomorrow on the North?
TIGER WOODS:  It depends on the weather.  If it blows, it's supposed to blow and rain, but it didn't materialize today, so we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Q.  After last week, a little bit rusty.  Is it just having a tournament under your belt and bag or is it being comfortable here?
TIGER WOODS:  To play it does help after having six weeks off to get a couple of rounds in.  Unfortunately, it was only a couple rounds, but it was still nice to get a feel for it.
I was telling Johnny over there, it wasn't really a lot different than how I hit it today than I did last week.  Last week's conditions were a lot more difficult and the fairways were narrow and the wind was howling.
I felt like I was doing a lot of good things right last week.  Unfortunately, only for a few days, but I was doing a lot of good things right.  And I came out here today and basically did the same thing.

Q.  After the early setback with that double, obviously it was a very tough hole.  But how important was it to have birdie and then hole out?
TIGER WOODS:  It was more important to get that birdie right out of the way, and get back to even par with the par‑5 to play.  I knew I had two par‑5s on the front side so I could get it down to par, and then maybe get two or three on the back.  I thought that would be a good score.  And lo' and behold, I get it rolling.  Get to 6 and a chance to go to 7, so it can change quickly.  But, we had the perfect conditions for it.  We couldn't ask for better conditions to score than we had today.

Q.  Did you feel (Indiscernible)?
TIGER WOODS:  I'm happy with it either way.  I made a few mistakes out there, but I made some nice plays as well.

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