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January 19, 2013

Kevin Streelman


Q.  Six birdies today.  No bogeys.  Four of the last seven you played, you birdied.  Talk to me about the round and what was working today.
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Going first off here on these greens make for some nice opportunities to make a lot of putts.  So just kind of did what I was supposed to, kept the ball in front of me.  When I hit it close, made some really nice putts and didn't make any mistakes.  So it was a solid round of golf.

Q.  A lot of the guys have said that these greens are probably the best of the three courses.  Would you concur?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, these are some of the best on the PGA TOUR, to be honest.

Q.  Talk to me about how you feel, where you stand right now.  You're three shots off going back to Palmer, which you put a nice number up the other day.
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, year after year, that's been my favorite golf course almost on the West Coast Swing, definitely scoring average wise.  So it's the Bob Hope, we got to go attack tomorrow.  We'll see what happens.
I'm going to fire at a lot of pins and try and keep the putter hot.

Q.  Is the mentality just an all out attack on the pins?
KEVIN STREELMAN:¬† They used a decent amount of the good pins the other day so I think they will want us to be making birdies to make it exciting.¬† But with the exception of really four or five pretty strong holes out there, you got 10 to 12 to 14 good either short par‑5s or wedges in your hands on par‑4s and if you're not sticking them close, someone else will be.¬† So it's going to have to be a full out attack tomorrow.

Q.  Talk to me how important it is or confidence building it is to start off in January with a strong result on the TOUR.
KEVIN STREELMAN:  It helps.  It's still just golf.  It's a long, long year.  This is now my sixth year, so I learned you got to stay patient and be ready for it to shine when it decides to shine.  Because you're not going to play great every year or I'm sorry, every week, and if the opportunity comes, you got to jump on it.  If not, someone else will.

Q.  Where is your form right now coming off Sony last week and the way you're playing here?
KEVIN STREELMAN:¬† I had great control of my ball last week, didn't make a lot of putts. ¬†This week started making some really good putts and still hitting it well.¬† So just keep the driver in front of me, and when you got 7‑, 8‑iron or less, you got to be going right at these pins and the greens are good enough where you can make a lot of putts.
So it's going to be a low one tomorrow to win this golf tournament.

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