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November 1, 2012

Phil Mickelson


Q.  Is that the key for the rest of the weekends, putting yourself?
PHIL MICKELSON:  It's a fair test, I played well today and it was a fun day.

Q.  Is that the key for the rest of the week, putting the ball in the right spot and giving yourself chance?
PHIL MICKELSON:  Yeah, if I drive the ball well, which I am right now, and I just put it in play, my iron play has been very good, and will give myself a number of birdie putts.  I've been reading the greens well.  I enjoy this paspalum grass.  I think that it's a very good grass.  We had it at Kiawah for the PGA.  The ball putts very true and sits up nicely on the fairways.  It's a very good grass.

Q.  Good shape for the weekends?
PHIL MICKELSON:  It's gotten better every week since the PGA.  I played very well at The Ryder Cup and my game has gotten even better since then.  I feel very confident with it.  I've been driving the ball better than I ever have.  My iron play is as good as it's been and my short game has been strong, so I really expect‑‑ I played well today so it's easy to have confidence.  I expect to continue some good play these next three days.

Q.  6‑under to start, how did it feel for you out there?  It looked pretty good, like your game is in shape?
PHIL MICKELSON:  Yeah, feels really good.  I played very well today on a course that I really enjoyed.  It's a well done golf course in great shape.  I hit a lot of good shots and drove it well off the tee and my iron play has been very good lately and I feel very good putting.  I like the grip I've been going to, I've been rolling the ball well and made a bunch of good putts today.

Q.  Wide fairways out there, now that you're using a 3‑wood, a new one goes along way, have you got something cranked up?
PHIL MICKELSON:  We have a couple of really good drivers and 3‑woods coming out next year, and they are a little bit hotter, and so I've been hitting the 3‑wood because I haven't needed the driver.  But I'm excited about how I've been hitting the ball off the tee and I've been having options now with which club I feel like gives me the biggest margin of error hitting it into the fairway.

Q.  Big greens, how difficult is it to lag putt out here?
PHIL MICKELSON:  Actually the lag putting has not been as big a challenge because the contour on the greens is not as severe as some courses.  I feel like you can really make some putts here.  What has been difficult is the grass, which I love, it's paspalum, which rolls very true; but they are new and they were only put in about six months ago and because of that the ball is not holding; it's skidding.
You really have to hit a shot into the hole.  You can't fly it into the pin and stop it.  You have to carve it with the grain and let the ball release back there, which I've really enjoyed the challenge.  I felt like it's a fun challenge to try to get some of the iron shots close.

Q.  What have you been doing since Medinah?
PHIL MICKELSON:  Well, I've been practising a little bit the last week or two.  I took a couple weeks off but I've been practising the last couple weeks.  My game has been much better and it's gotten better each week since the PGA Championship.  I played terrific at The Ryder Cup.  I feel like I'm playing even better now heading into this week and hopefully I'll carry it on these next three days.  I certainly feel confident that I'll be able to.

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