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November 1, 2012

Dana Altman

E.J. Singler


THE MODERATOR:  We'll go ahead and get started with Oregon.  We'll take an opening statement from coach.
COACH ALTMAN:¬† It's a great time to be in the PAC‑12.¬† The new TV contract is very good for all of us.¬† It gives us great exposure across the country and really gives us an opportunity to show our product.¬† And I think our product will be pretty good this year.
At Oregon we're going to rely on our seniors, E.J. Singler, Tony Woods, Carlos Emory, to lead our ball team.¬† We got a lot of new faces with six freshmen, but we're very excited about the season and hope that it's a great one for the PAC‑12 and for our team.
THE MODERATOR:  We'll open it up for questions.

Q.  With so many newcomers on your team, what's the importance of having a guy like E.J. to provide some continuity?
COACH ALTMAN:  Well, it's critical.  E.J.'s been an anchor for us the last two years.  He's done a great job of stabilizing our team, his work ethic is really good.  Two years ago he was a sophomore with some experience, but he had great year and really helped our team last year.
He does all the dirty work.  He goes gets all the rebounds, he's our leading rebounder, brings it every day to practice.
We struggled a little bit in some of our early workouts because he's been out and missed some workouts and so we have struggled a little bit because we miss his leadership.  But he's going to have a great year for us as are the other two seniors for us to have a good year.

Q.  Which newcomer will play the biggest role on the team this year?
COACH ALTMAN:  At this time I'm not sure.  I think early candidates would be Dominic Artis, DA, because we lost two senior guards will have an opportunity to play a lot early.  He's really worked hard this summer, he's had a great fall.  So I anticipate he'll be a big part of our team.
Damvean Dotson, another freshman from Houston has been very impressive in early workouts.  So I think a number of the freshmen will progress at different rates throughout the season, but I hope those two can step up and help us right away.
And then we have a junior college transfer, Waverly Austin, and at 6‑11, 270, we're hoping that he'll give us some rebounding inside, some scoring inside, so I'm really looking forward to what he'll bring to the team.

Q.  Noticing Arik Armstead on the roster coming over from the football team.  What can you tell us about him as a basketball player?
COACH ALTMAN:  Well, he worked out with us a little bit this summer, which is a new rule the NCAA put in that we can work with our teams two hours a week.  And it's a great rule.  So Arik came over a little bit when the football team would let him.  Hopefully, our football team will be playing way into January and so we don't anticipate getting him until some time in mid January.
But Arik's big and he'll be physical, he'll set a good pick, he's a very good rebounder and he's got great hands.¬† And he's got a pretty good shooting touch.¬† The conditioning for football and basketball's totally different, so it will take some time for him to make the adjustment.¬† But if we're facing some injuries, or just need some added strength inside, he definitely is physical at 6‑8, 290, he's a physical presence in there.

Q.¬† How do you anticipate your role changing this year with the turned over roster, specifically there's less big men on the roster.¬† Do you anticipate having to kind of take ‑‑ or there's less guards on the roster, do you anticipate trying to take one more of a role in the back court?
E.J. SINGLER:  I think so.  We got some big guys too.  Coach likes to play me at the three and four just to kind of use my different skill levels at different positions.  I can see myself playing on the wing and some forward as well.  Different matchups against different teams allows me to create and use my skill set to go against the other team.
THE MODERATOR:  All right.  That will do it, gentlemen.  Thank you very much.

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