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October 28, 2012

Tiger Woods


Q.  I know it's obviously not the result you wanted, but it must have been fun out there knowing that you've got to go for all the shots.
TIGER WOODS:  You know, the golf course was really soft today.  We played ball in hand again, and I needed to get to 20 plus, and that was the goal starting out today.  It looks like I didn't quite do it.

Q.  Overall you've got to be pleased with the way you came back?
TIGER WOODS:  I am, I'm very pleased.  I hit a bunch of good shots.  I just had one little bad stretch yesterday.  Other than that, I really played well this week.

Q.  You must be very satisfied with today.
TIGER WOODS:  I am.  I'm very pleased with the way I played.  I hit the ball well, made a bunch of putts today, too.  Overall it was a very good day.
I left a couple out there.  I parred one par‑5 on the back nine, and the other one I put it up there and one of the guys who raked it, they put a pile of sand right there, and it was right up on top of it.  Oh, boy, this is either going to go way long or I'm going to flub it, and I ended up flubbing it.

Q.  Were you watching the leaderboard?
TIGER WOODS:  My goal was to get to 20 plus.  That's the only chance I had.  I had to post that.  That was the goal starting yesterday because that means I had to shoot 9‑under today just to have any kind of chance.  It ended up not being much of a chance.  I think Nick is at 23‑under right now with one to go.  Yesterday's last nine holes, that put me in a spot where I really couldn't win the championship.

Q.  Will you come back next year?
TIGER WOODS:  I would love to come back.  This has been a fantastic event.  It certainly has grown over the years, and now it's going to be part of the Tour.  It's been a major growth of this event, sort of what HSBC went through in China, and now it's one of the marquee events.

Q.  Is it ambitious to defend your title in the World Challenge if you have to defend your title in November?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, I've got a few weeks off, which is going to be nice, and go back there, it's a golf course I've liked over the years, I've played well there over the years, and our foundation is at the center stage, which is great for us.  The awareness‑‑ it brings so much awareness to what we're trying to do for kids, it's just fantastic.  All the players that are playing this year, 11 out of 12 Ryder Cuppers, so it's going to be a great field.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, you know, Rory is going to be dealing with something the same.  He's trying to win a championship today, and we'll both probably be a little bit tired.  But we're going to try and put on a good show, shoot a low round and have a little bit of fun.

Q.  (Inaudible.)  How important was that for you?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, you know, I did it in 2000, I switched from the Titleist ball to a Nike ball.  For me it was a huge switch because it was going from the wound ball to a solid construction ball.  Now the wound ball is extinct.  But at that time that was a big change, to go from that technology.  Guys make switches over their careers.  Some of the top players like Ernie has been through‑‑ he's played some serious great golf over the years, but it's been with four or five different big companies.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS:  Whatever is best for them.  It's all dependent on what they want to accomplish and what do they feel like they can play their best in.  Granted, I know sometimes the numbers can persuade them, but also some of the guys I know over the years have turned it over because they know they can play better in another tournament.

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