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October 27, 2012

Michael Hoey


Q.  Your thoughts on the round of 68 today?
MICHAEL HOEY:  Well, I scored well.  Yesterday I played better but didn't score as well.  You have to get the ball in the hole and I got the ball in the hole today and putted quite nicely, chipped pretty good.  I'm satisfied when you get the most out of your rounds like I did today and yesterday felt like I threw one or two shots away.
So just enjoyed playing with Martin Kaymer again, playing with the big boys, Rory yesterday, and that's who you want to be playing with, players like that.  It's all good experience for me.  I haven't played very often with them; first time with Martin today.  Good to see there's not a lot of difference, a putt here and a putt there.

Q.  And it was a different experience, as you say, playing with Rory for the first time, having the crowds around, bigger crowds today and presumably like a marquis group like this‑‑
MICHAEL HOEY:  Yeah, Martin won HSBC last year, so a lot of people came to watch him today.  Yeah, there's good buzz and that's where you want to be in the last three groups.   Haven't been there very much since Morocco but enjoying it and just looking forward to tomorrow.
I'm in really good position, so can't get too far ahead of yourself.  It is a bit of a marathon, certainly on this golf course it feels like a marathon, about 10,000 yards between greens to tees; it's been a long way.

Q.  Some courses you might even have to get a buggy to do that distance, but it's all on you?
MICHAEL HOEY:  Yeah, it's tiring and I've taken a lot of food on my caddie and the bag is heavy for the food.  Fitness is definitely a factor.  So hopefully I can get good rest tonight and feel strong tomorrow.

Q.  That has been the worry for you at times; how is the fitness?
MICHAEL HOEY:  It's good, yeah.  Just really trying to relax mentally I suppose, not think about golf all the time.

Q.  What are your thoughts into a round like today and what will be tomorrow when you find yourself that little bit off the pace, do you just let it happen as normal or try to force it a bit?
MICHAEL HOEY:  Yeah, my rhythm gets too quick when I try to force it, so I play my best when I give myself a little bit of time at the top, and really just breathe.  I saw Rory yesterday, very relaxed.  I learned a bit from that.
Obviously he has millions in the bank but you have to be relaxed to get the money.  I learned a lot from him, and just tried to stay relaxed out there today.  You can't force relaxation; it's like trying to get to sleep at night, can't force it.
Just take a few more breaths, realise that you've played well enough to get into the position to play with some of the best players in the world instead of getting all tense.

Q.  And this other aim of sorting out your place for Dubai, that's on track, isn't it?
MICHAEL HOEY:  Yeah, and even if I don't play good tomorrow, I'll probably be well on track for that.  I'm in very good position and I'm in Singapore and Hong Kong, really big money, as well.  There's a long way to go.

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