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October 21, 2012

Paul Casey


Q.  Good performance from you during the tournament, 5‑under today, 8‑under for the tournament, you must be happy with that?
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, I'm happy with that.  Got it going today which was nice.  I had it going at moments this week.  The first day I played nicely and moments in between where I struggled.
Karrinyup is a fabulous golf course, and if you stay the right side of the hole, you can really take advantage of it.  And as soon as you get the wrong side, it can bite you a little bit.  But it's wonderful to be down no offers playing in front of these crowds, avoiding the kangaroos.  It was a lot of fun this week.

Q.  You managed to avoid the animals this week here in Western Australia.
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, we even saw a couple humping on one hole, but they are friendly down here, what can we say.
It's really enjoyable, I love playing in Oz.  I've had success down here and won tournaments in New South Wales.  And there's something about being down here; I love the warm weather, and great crowds.  They are having a few tinnies up on the balcony this afternoon, but they provide a lot of support and encouragement and I've really enjoyed that this week.

Q.  Today, as you said, you played quite well and hitting a bet of form; how is the body and what are you looking forward to over the coming weeks?
PAUL CASEY:  Well, the body is great.  This is the best I've felt in probably a few years.  And the form is coming around really nicely.  I mean, the golf I played this week, there are moments of very much the golf I'm capable of.
I'm going to be in China next week, probably in Singapore and Hong Kong after that and just really enjoying being on the golf course.  With the form I'm starting to show, it's a case of wanting to be out there, play as much as I can and I feel it's not going to be long before I'm back in the winner's circle.

Q.  Any goals left; Dubai?
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, I'm still not in Dubai.  The goal is to win before the end of the year.  Simple as that.  If I win next week, I don't know if that gets me in HSBC, it might, I don't know.  A win before the end of the year, because the three I'm playing, BMW, Singapore and Hong Kong, they are all great events, and certainly BMW and Singapore are big money, as well.
So I think ignore trying to get into Dubai; just try and win, that solves every problem.

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