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October 18, 2012

Paul Casey


STEVE TODD:  Paul, thank you for joining us today, 5‑under 67 today.
PAUL CASEY:  I played wonderful golf today.  Really happy with 67.  I thought the golf course would be trickier this afternoon, I have no idea, I wasn't out this morning but I'm going to assume it was slightly trickier this afternoon.  Greens certainly got a little crispy and I struggled to reach a couple of putts.  But tee‑to‑green was beautiful and ecstatic with the number of birdie chances I had.  Yeah, chuffed to be sitting at 67.
STEVE TODD:  You said you left a few putts out there but you hit a lot of fairways and greens.  Any highlights out there for us?
PAUL CASEY:  Highlights, well, wasn't spectacular, was it.  The highlight was my ball didn't roll back down the front of the green off the hill in 18.  There were a couple of good breaks like that, which you sometimes need.
Nothing stood out.  I can't remember the hole, 15, great drive and a 5‑iron, a very easy birdie.  That driver was probably the most enjoyable shot of the day because I absolutely smashed it and I like smashing the ball down the fairway.

Q.  Inaudible.
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, I do, you're right.  Birdie on 11 to get to 4.  Great shot, 12, 13 and 14 was a good bunker shot.  But the putts were very difficult.  I didn't mis‑hit any of them.  I just mis‑read them.  Simple as that.  I put them on the right side of the hole even, what I thought were going to be fairly simple putts.  I called my caddie to have a look at it, having got the 12th and 13th greens wrong and we both agreed on the line and we both said left middle and we got that wrong.  But I share the blame on that one.

Q.  Inaudible.
PAUL CASEY:  What else can you do?  Greens might be a little more receptive in the morning tomorrow.  They had it flat calm when I looked out the window this morning; across the city was like glass.  There's a possibility of rain tomorrow.  I actually like the position I'm sitting in right now, because those guys who shot 7‑under, will have to play in the afternoon and who knows, my experience playing in Australia, always gets firm and fast in the afternoon.

Q.  Inaudible.
PAUL CASEY:  The greens are receptive the way they are right now.  I don't know how they want to set this golf course up this week, whether they want it to be nice and firm and fast for the weekend; that might take away their ability to do that, but I think it will keep scoring‑‑ rain isn't an issue.
I think a little bit of rain keeping it soft to allow guys to continue to shoot low and I don't see any reason why a couple of guys won't get into sort of 11‑, 12‑under par tomorrow by the end of play.

Q.  (How does it feel to have a bogey‑free round)?
PAUL CASEY:  It's very gratifying, I haven't done that in a while.  Yeah, I've never been one for worrying about the bogeys too much.  I always said that bogeys are not acceptable, but bogeys happen.  Doubles are usually a sign of a mental error, you've made a bad decision of poor choice somewhere or following up a bad shot with a poor decision.
But bogeys happen if you're going at flags and you're trying to be aggressive.  For me, the more positive sign is there were five birdies out there, and to be honest I would have liked more.

Q.  A few weeks where you were ‑‑
PAUL CASEY:  We talked yesterday, there's not been one Eureka moment where things have sort of started to click.  There's just lots of good, positive signs that I'm seeing and today was the most enjoyable round of golf I've played all year by far.  It was fun.
It was great weather, great golf course.  We had nice crowds out there.  They were having a laugh on 18, had a couple of beers; it was all going quite well.  That's why I play the game of golf, to have days like today where it's all just a dream to be on the golf course playing with guys like Craig Parry, as well.
It's very positive and today was very much an indication that things are going in the light direction and I'm just playing the golf I'm very capable of.

Q.  Inaudible.
PAUL CASEY:  None whatsoever.  I actually feel stronger than I've ever felt before, and I think it really gave me reason to address the physical side of things right down to the way I train and the way I eat.
I've been very diligent the past few months to put that in place, and I've got a good plan now and I've got the right people behind me.  I'll get fitter and fitter and stronger‑‑ I mean, this is golf fitness.  I still enjoy going out on the bicycle and maybe I'll go back to snowboarding one day.  But I'm not trying to be the best cyclist in the world or anything like that.  I'm trying to be as golf fit as I can be, and I think I'm as golf fit as I've ever been.

Q.  Inaudible.
PAUL CASEY:  You just keep doing the same thing.  I was really happy with the way I stuck to the game plan today.
And I think the goal for the week will be to maintain that, my course management the way I attack the golf course, been conservative on some holes and aggressive on others.  Trying to drive the 14th green would be an example of that.  I'll stick to that; whatever happens, happens.
But I can't emphasize this enough:  I really enjoy playing in Australia and the crowd were great today.  That was really, really nice to get that support after making a lot of birdies.  There was a lot of people encouraging me and cheering me on.  From that side of things, I can't wait to get out there tomorrow and continue that trend.

Q.  Inaudible.
PAUL CASEY:  Well, it isn't really, is it.  It's a very similar crowd to playing in the U.K. and there were actually a lot of Brits out there today.  I just enjoy playing in front of good crowds and to me.
Australian crowds are always entertaining.  They love their sport.  They are not afraid to tell you what they think, and I remember many a time when I putted it into the bunker in the 18th at Birkdale and got absolutely slaughtered for it from the drunks in the quarter.
It goes both ways but for me that's part of sport.  And yeah, hopefully I'm standing over a putt on 18 with lots of abuse or cheering or whatever it is on Sunday.  I would love nothing more than that.
STEVE TODD:  Thanks for joining us, Paul, appreciate your time.

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