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October 6, 2012

King Holder

Ryan Katz

HAWAI’I – 14

Q.  Ryan, the first two touchdowns, were both of those designed for a handoff and run?
RYAN KATZ:  Yeah, both of those are designed.  Just different things we saw throughout the weeks and what their defense did.  It's just a good way to attack their defense.

Q.  Have you run those plays earlier in the season?
RYAN KATZ:  No, no, not those particular plays.

Q.  What did they show you tonight that enabled you to have such success against the run?
RYAN KATZ:  Some of the plays that we had dialed up this week, they ran a lot of man coverage, so we had some of the zone read and the five‑sweep working.  So with those guys in man coverage, the corners are chasing, and kind of leaves that side of the field open.

Q.  How important was it to get this win tonight?  It's your first conference win.  You're coming off a two‑game skid.  What was the morale like tonight?
RYAN KATZ:  It was huge.  I think more than anything this week in practice guys were kind of on edge.  Coming off of two tough losses, we just wanted to get out there and give it our all and get this win this week, so we're happy to do that.

Q.  The third touchdown, was that also the dropback (Indiscernible).
RYAN KATZ:  They didn't bring any pressure.  They dropped eight, so it was kind of hard.  We had a little play‑action pass going there.  So everyone dropped down in coverage, and I saw a lane to run, and I took advantage of it.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
RYAN KATZ:  Yeah, that was a pass first.

Q.  How fun is it to get the win?
RYAN KATZ:  It's pretty fun.  Like I said, I want to be a passer first, but Coach Ludwig, he dials those plays up, and I'm going to run them.  I'm going to run them to the best of my ability.  It is fun though.

Q.  When did you realize you were going to start tonight?
KING HOLDER:  At the beginning of the week, our defensive backs coach, Coach White had told me.  And this whole week we were working hard and trying to get our alignment and assignments right.  I was glad we were able to execute today?

Q.  Earlier you were talking about (Indiscernible).  Do you feel like you guys were more comfortable passing?
KING HOLDER:  Yeah, I felt like our game plan this week was really suitable to the type of players we have in our back field, our defensive backs, and I'm pretty sure it showed.

Q.  What was easier tonight?  Did you guys have not to think about anything?
KING HOLDER:  We had a lot less different types of plays, so we could really focus on the plays that we did have and our alignment assignments and less audibles on defense.  It was really good for us.

Q.  How is your confidence growing as this game went on?
KING HOLDER:  It actually builds a lot of confidence, especially after coming off not playing well the last two weeks, and our defense and offense stepping up at the same time and showing what we look like when we play Aztec football.

Q.  Obviously, when the coach points to you and says you're the guy.  How are you able to accomplish that?  (Indiscernible)?
KING HOLDER:  Yeah, it's kind of what you live for to play college football, those times when you've got to step up and make plays or the crucial fourth‑quarter moments.  That's really what you live for.

Q.  What does it mean for the defense to have the touchdowns the last two teams that you faced they racked up a lot of points on you guys.  How big was that?
KING HOLDER:  It's a big confidence builder for sure.  We're glad as defensive backs that we could hold their passing yards down.  Hawaii has great athletes on the outside in the slot.  We're glad we were able to contain them for the most part tonight.

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