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October 5, 2012

Paul Casey


Q.  May as well just tell us how you saw it?
PAUL CASEY:  The wee dog was roaming around this morning on the first tee and we teed off 10.  So we got to 12 fairway, the dog is running around, I have no idea what kind of dog it was, fury little thing for everyone.  To be honest it just looked like it was a little bit lost.  So I went over and made friends with it on the back of the 12th green, the par5.  His name is Digby.  Didn't get the phone number.
And next thing I know, the thing runs over and picks up my ball.  That was about, I don't know, about 30 feet for eagle.  I was trying to get him to put it in the hole, but then he ran off with it up the hill toward the 13th tee.

Q.¬† What do you think‑‑
PAUL CASEY:  It would have been funny.

Q.  Ever see a dog on the golf course?
PAUL CASEY:¬† No.¬† I just thought making friends with it‑‑ I didn't think it was actually going to go pick up the golf ball.

Q.  What do you think at this point?  What did you do?
PAUL CASEY:¬† That moment of panic set in that goes, live to play it with where we find it‑‑

Q.¬† Got the ball back‑‑ get a rules official‑‑
PAUL CASEY:¬† ‑‑ just make sure you don't have to¬† ‑‑ one of those silly things, do you drop it, do you place it.¬† We knew where it was, put a coin down straightaway, and we just place it back as close as we could to where we thought it originally was.¬† We actually brought the ball back.

Q.  No teeth marks?
PAUL CASEY:¬† No.¬† I hope Digby's all right.¬† Don't want him stuck out here.¬† Nearest‑‑ I don't know where the nearest house is, it's probably half a mile away or something that way.

Q.  How about that putt?
PAUL CASEY:  Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.  He struggled yesterday, Carnoustie, starting on Carnoustie is tough because when you get guys shooting 60s, and you're so far behind, and Carnoustie is the tough course, so trying to get momentum is a bit difficult and neither of us had any yesterday.
And brilliant‑‑ I think Oscar showed him the line.¬† Oscar actually knocked it past that flag from the same position.

Q.  Even longer putt?
PAUL CASEY:  And even longer putt.

Q.  Give us your estimate?
PAUL CASEY:¬† Of distance?¬† I'll tell you, because I'll tell you the yardage to the pin.¬† What was it, the sixth?¬† The flag's 51 yards on.¬† And he was maybe a couple of yards past being level with the front edge?¬† It was a 50‑yard putt.¬† It was perfect, got the line right and pace right.¬† So carried the momentum and made a three net two on the next.¬† He was playing some good golf.
So tomorrow we are just going to get him to play‑‑ what was that, the sixth hole, we are going to get him to play 14 holes before he tees off on the first at St. Andrews tomorrow, get him in the flow of things.¬† Get him nice and warmed up.

Q.¬† Even though this is your sport and he's out of his sport, is it almost nervous playing with a guy‑‑ you know what I'm talking about?
PAUL CASEY:  I know where you're coming from.  No, it doesn't bother me, because he's just an athlete and I just go out and play.  If you have a good day, great.  And if you have a bad day, he's an athlete, he knows good and bad happens. 
He's also such a chilled out guy that, no, there's no‑‑ I'm trying to think of the right word, there's no sort of‑‑ he's just who he is.¬† There's no putting on a front or anything or this image.¬† I want to get this right, 19 Golds or something?¬† 18?¬† He's got more Golds than he's got shots this week, all right, and he's got 16 shots.
You know, I don't know, maybe there would be some sort of aura to him that he could sort of carry but there's none whatsoever.  He's just an absolutely normal bloke who loves golf.  It's great.

Q.  Your game coming back together?
PAUL CASEY:¬† Yeah, a lot of really good shots.¬† Actually putting was what let me down the last couple of days, but that has been my strength certainly the last couple of months, I've been putting very nicely.¬† The key has been the ball‑striking and that's been actually really, really good yesterday.¬† Yesterday was‑‑ well, either on the green or on the fringe, 17 times yesterday, which was strong.

Q.  You a good swimmer yourself?
PAUL CASEY:  Crap.  I sink.

Q.  What's your time for 25 yards?
PAUL CASEY:  25 yards?  I don't know if I can even swim 25 yards.  I have no idea, Bernie, I have a pool at home.  Hot tub is more my thing.  I'm good at doing laps in the hot top.

Q.  A lot more golf this year?
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, Korea, I'll defend my Shinhan Bank Open next week in Korea.  Then Australia, BMW, Lake Malaren, I think I may get in that off a category ranking.  Right now probably Singapore, Hong Kong, anything else I get into, we'd probably add it on.

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