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September 29, 2012

Webb Simpson

Bubba Watson


Q.  Winners in this format again.  It wasn't a very comfortable match for you guys this morning.  What happened in that 30‑minute window?
BUBBA WATSON:  You know, except on the par‑5s, I'm pretty good.  Webb just was a little anxious, wanted to make all the putts.  He had great opportunities.  Obviously Rose and Poults played a great match this morning to beat us fair and square.  We just didn't make them.  But here playing our own ball, we got our rhythm, I did the par‑5s and he did the rest.  That's pretty much all we did.

Q.  How hard is it to get the crowd into it, and what's it going to be like tomorrow in singles?
BUBBA WATSON:  We're not going to be there for it (laughing).
WEBB SIMPSON:  I think that's the hardest thing for me.  I'm so comfortable with best ball because I know he's going to make so many birdies, and I think this morning I just tried to force things.  I think tomorrow this whole thing for me is just to let it come and try and hit good golf shots.

Q.  Bubba, talk about how special today was.
BUBBA WATSON:  This is what golf is all about.  It's a great atmosphere.  A couple rowdies out there, but for the most part, good fans, it's been great, competition has been great.  It's been fun.

Q.  You won your first major championship back in June.  How does the adrenaline rush here compare to there?
WEBB SIMPSON:  There's nothing like the Ryder Cup.  I'll never forget hitting that first tee shot and making that first birdie yesterday.  I could hear my heart beat.  There's a little added pressure but a good pressure because you're playing for your country and your teammates, and you just want to play well so bad.  It's more than a major for sure.

Q.  What was the difference between this morning and this afternoon?
BUBBA WATSON:  I just don't think we had the momentum.  There were some key putts that we missed.  Obviously Rose and Poults played really well this morning.  They beat us.  But there were some key putts that we missed that we had a chance to make, we just didn't capitalize on them.  Hard to get in a rhythm playing every other shot.  But again, this is a format where we can go, play our own ball, get in a rhythm, and obviously he proved today, he made the putts this afternoon.

Q.  Webb, you played great this afternoon.  The putter was red hot.
WEBB SIMPSON:  It was.  You know, it was cold this morning‑‑ as hot as it was this afternoon it was that cold this morning.  Bubba really played well this morning.  I didn't really do my part, but just felt good for us to get out here this afternoon in this format and make putts for birdie.

Q.  It was fantastic putting this afternoon.
WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah, I had a great partner.  He hit some great shots down the stretch this morning.  We had a good talk over lunch, and he was his normal self and got me back down to earth, and we got ready to go for this afternoon and just played some good golf.

Q.  You two have half of the major titles between the two of you.  Can you compare the satisfaction of winning a green jacket or winning a U.S. Open compared to what's going on right now?
BUBBA WATSON:  Right now, this is more important.  All we're doing is playing for a trophy here.  We're playing for our team, we're playing for a trophy, playing for our country.  This is easily more important.  You know, this is something fun to do, and the pressure behind it, this pressure is ten fold what it is at a major.

Q.  Can you see the finishing line for the U.S. right now?
BUBBA WATSON:  I hope so.  We're playing good.  The board looks good, and hopefully we continue to finish those matches off this afternoon and play good tomorrow.

Q.  Webb, a difference in your game from the morning to the afternoon.  What was that?
WEBB SIMPSON:  It was just putting.  I didn't make any putts this morning.  He played great this morning, and I just couldn't get anything to drop.  But we fought hard, and I think it was great for us mentally to get to 18 because it looked for a while like they might close us out early, but I just made some putts this afternoon and we ham and egged it really well.

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