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September 29, 2012

Webb Simpson

Bubba Watson


Q.  Winners in this format, again.  It wasn't a very comfortable looking match that you guys played this morning.  What flipped the switch?  What happened in that 30‑minute break?
BUBBA WATSON:  You know, I'm the coach, as we can see from the replay, I'm the coach.  Except on the par 5s, I'm pretty good.  But you know, Webb just was a little‑‑ he was a little anxious, wanted to make all the putts.  We had great opportunities.  Obviously Rose and Poults played a great match this morning.  They beat us fair and square.
You know, and so there was chances we had.  We just didn't make them.  But back here, our own ball, we got in our rhythm.  I did the par 5s and he did the rest and that's pretty much all we did.

Q.  You did do the rest, seven birdies on your ball alone.  With the prospect of winning The Ryder Cup on American soil getting closer and closer, how hard is it going to be to take the process for what it is and let tomorrow just come rather than trying to maybe force it?
BUBBA WATSON:  Because I'm not going to be there for you.
WEBB SIMPSON:  I think that's the hardest thing for me.  I'm so comfortable with him in best‑ball, because I know he's going to make so many birdies.  I think this morning I just tried to force things.
Tomorrow morning the most thing for me and the other guys is like you said, let it come and try to hit good golf shots.

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