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September 21, 2012

Tiger Woods


Q.  Give us some comments about the round today?
TIGER WOODS:  I didn't play very good today.  Didn't hit it very good, and definitely didn't putt well.  So it was a struggle all day.

Q.  It seemed like kind of from the beginning you missed the green on 1 after a pretty good drive?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, I was trying to use the backboard there behind the hole, and just stuck it straight in the ground.  Then made a couple of mistakes there.  Had a bad pitch and a bad putt, so I thought it might have turned around at 3.  Played one of the best shots I've ever played out of that lie, and then for some reason I just struggled the rest of the day.

Q.  Is there any way you can explain how you go from playing really well one day to not as well the next day?
TIGER WOODS:  Yep, golf.

Q.  Just golf, huh?

Q.  I was just going to ask you about Furyk.  He's leading, and I don't know if you knew he had a bunch of threes starting out today.  But there was some controversy about him in the Ryder Cup and being a captain's pick.  I'm curious from your standpoint you've partnered with him a bunch, and I'm sure you probably have some thoughts about him being on the team again and a leader and all of that?
TIGER WOODS:  If you think about it, he's basically two swings away from being probably in the top 5 in points.  For him being picked, it's not that controversial to us as players.  But to some it might be who are outside the team.  But he's been with all the works of our teams.  Since '97 he's been on every team with Phil and myself and Jim.  We've been on every team together.  So he's been so solid and so rock steady.  He's a great team player, and he's playing well.

Q.  The Presidents Cup last year as well?
TIGER WOODS:  He went 5‑0 last year.  This is what he can do.  Basically, as I said, he's two swings away from being in the Top 5 in points.

Q.  You're six back going into tomorrow.  Just feelings going into the weekend?
TIGER WOODS:  I'm still right there.  This is a golf course that is playing tough.  But some of the pins are pretty accessible.  But you've got to get the ball on the fairway.  This Bermuda rough is thin enough where every ball is sitting at the bottom.  It just won't sit up.  It's just really hard to judge how far it's going to be, and sometimes it doesn't even fly straight.  It's imperative to get the ball on the fairway, and from there, can you attack.

Q.  What are you going to work on for the weekend?
TIGER WOODS:  I'm going to go hit some balls and putt for a while.  I figured something out on the back nine with my stroke, which was good.  But I still need to hit the ball better than I did today, for sure.

Q.  Do you think playing with Justin will help you prepare for the Ryder Cup mindset and singles matches?
TIGER WOODS:  That's so far away from our minds right now.  We're all trying to win this event.  This is our TOUR Championship, our season‑ending event, and we're trying to win it.

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