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September 19, 2012

John Huh


JOHN BUSH:  We'd like to welcome John Huh into the interview room here at the TOUR Championship by Coca‑Cola.  He's played his rookie season this year.  He enters this week number 26 in the FedExCup standings.  John, first of all, welcome to East Lake.  If we can get your comments on what's been a really good year?
JOHN HUH:  First of all, I feel really lucky to be here, especially as a rookie, and only top 30 to compete this week.  So I'm really looking forward to playing starting tomorrow.
JOHN BUSH:  I know you have a challenge ahead of you this week, but if you look at just last year, with Bill Haas coming back from number 25 in the FedExCup standings, so there is always a chance, right?
JOHN HUH:  Yeah, I mean, and the fact that Bill Haas was the 25th last year and he won the tournament and the FedEx, I believe I still have a chance to win the tournament.  But I need a little help from the guys in the top.  So I'm just going to do my best and see what's going on.

Q.  At the beginning of the year, did you set some specific goals for this season?  If so, did you write them down or just put them in your head?
JOHN HUH:  Before I started the season, I told myself I want to just play a weekend, which is not easy to do that on the PGA TOUR, making the cut and playing a weekend, and being in contention.  That was my goal before the season started, and it changed a little bit in the middle of the year.  But still I felt like I wanted to feel that way, even though I'm where I'm at right now because I just want to feel like I'm a rookie and new guy and just give me my too high expectations.

Q.  When did it change for you?
JOHN HUH:  Some tournaments I feel like I've been too aggressive because of changing my goal a little, but I think I should just stay where I'm at right now and just feel like I play the weekend first and play good and finish well.

Q.  Just wondering, where were you last year at this time?  Were you watching this tournament last year?  Did you ever think about making it to the TOUR Championship on your rookie year?
JOHN HUH:  This time of year last year I was in Korea.  I was playing a tournament and just watching Bill Haas, the shot, hitting it 17 on the water hazard.  I was, once again, I feel lucky to be here as a rookie.  I hadn't really thought about it until today.

Q.  I'd like to talk about the back nine, par‑3s.  First of all, the 11th hole, how do you approach that one?
JOHN HUH:  This East Lake has a long par‑3, and all the par‑3s I'm hitting mostly 5 to 3, so I'm going to try to hit middle of the green and give myself a good chance to make a putt or have a par.

Q.  What about the 18th hole?
JOHN HUH:  18th hole.  It's not usual for the PGA TOUR to finish on par‑3, but it will be a good finish if you have a couple lead, a one or two shot lead would be nice.  Just hit the green, make a par, and hold the trophy, you know?

Q.  I understand, at least early this year, when you were on the road your entire focus was golf, going to the course, going back to the hotel, watching the Golf Channel on TV, not going out very much at least for nice dinners or to the movies or anything.  Has that changed at all for you as the year has gone on now that you have more money to spend on these things and more fame?
JOHN HUH:  We're actually on the road all the time, so it's hard to stay focused on the golf all the time.  Probably starting next year I'm probably going to go see sights more and hang out with friends and see different people.  But right now it's stayed as the beginning of the year.  Just practice, go back to the hotel, watch TV, eat nice food and that's it.

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