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July 31, 2012

Andy Roddick


N. DJOKOVIC/A. Roddick
6‑2, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  I couldn't hear what you were saying after the scoop shot?
ANDY RODDICK:  That was one of the best dropshots I ever hit.  He got there and got a winner.  I didn't appreciate it.

Q.  What did you say to him?
ANDY RODDICK:  You just asked me what I said and I told you what I said.

Q.  Is that a case of too good today by Novak?
ANDY RODDICK:  He played great.  I came out hitting the ball pretty well.  I definitely could have served a little bit better.  I was missing spots a little bit early, but whenever I brought my serve in, gave myself margins, he was sticking returns.  Felt like I was playing off my shoe tops.
He was just in the zone.  The conditions were perfect.  He was hitting it well.  I mean, he just beat the crap out of me today.

Q.  You were out of there fairly quickly, understandably.  What kind of thoughts do you have about it being the last time on that stage?
ANDY RODDICK:  I don't know.  I'm not going to get into‑‑ it's not close to my mind right now.  That's not something that I'm going to talk about.
I'm looking forward to next week.

Q.  What did you think of playing on that stage in a different tournament, different surroundings than you're used to?
ANDY RODDICK:  Yeah, I mean, I said it was always going to be a little weird.  It's Wimbledon, but it's kind of not.  I said it's like 'Olympified Wimbledon.'
It's different.  It's weird for us because we have history at this venue, but it's not quite the same thing.  They're not the familiar faces working here.  You don't really know anybody on a first‑name bases.  The routes are different.  They're shutting off streets when they normally don't.
It's all a little bit different.  But, you know, you have to use this venue if you're in London.  It's the best tennis venue in the world, so it's a no‑brainer.  It's still tennis.

Q.  When he's playing like that, are there other strategies you can switch to in that quick of a time?
ANDY RODDICK:  Did switch.  Like I said, I was missing serves.  I tried to bring in my margins and he returned them well.  As opposed to second serves, I brought my margins in, gave myself more room for error on the first serve.  He was hitting those, too.  Tried to serve and volley a couple of times.  Some people say, Go forward.  He's drilling every ball, so what do you approach on?
It's tough.  If he's hitting the ball like that, my chance is to serve really well.  I didn't serve great today.  I hit the ball fine.  He was just too good from the baseline.  He was seeing it like a basketball today.

Q.  You've just come off the court, but what are your plans?  Will you hang around, try to get other events, or just get out of the place?
ANDY RODDICK:  It's not me wanting to get out of the place.  It's me having to be a professional and do my job next week.  I think that entails getting ready for Toronto.
I don't know that I can stay and have a midweek vacation in London, unfortunately.  That's just not in the cards with being responsible to our tour, as well.

Q.  How difficult is it to go straight into Toronto, a hard court?
ANDY RODDICK:  Oh, it's hard.  The thing about losing second round is you have enough time to prepare (laughter).
It's not easy.  But this summer was never going to be easy with the turnaround from grass.  I played hard to grass to hard.  You know, but that's something, as tennis players, we always deal with different countries, different surfaces, different balls.  It's always like that.
So it's not easy, but it's not a surprise either.

Q.  Do you think today says much, if anything, about the state of your game?  Where do you think that is?
ANDY RODDICK:  No, I mean, I don't leave here‑‑ I won two out of the last three coming in.  It's a lot better than it was six weeks ago.  It's night and day.
I feel like it's extremes with me right now.  If I win one, it's like career appreciation day.  Then if I lose one, it's like we should take him out in the field and shoot him in the head (laughter).  I don't think it's either.
I'm playing as well as I have this year so far in the last, you know, four or five weeks.  So just try to forget about it and go back and get back to the US Open Series.

Q.  How confident are you that you can do some damage in New York this year?
ANDY RODDICK:  I feel fine.  There's a lot of time between then and now.  We still have three events.  The way my mind works, I automatically think about what do I have next.  I've been playing what's next for 12 years.  I think it's foolish of me to answer that without knowing what I've gotten out of the three events going in.
Right now I feel fine about it.

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