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August 3, 2012

Tiger Woods


Q.  Summarize your two days, some general thoughts.
TIGER WOODS:  Okay, sweet.  I hit it good, made nothing, and we can all go eat now.

Q.  Why are you making nothing?
TIGER WOODS:  I figured something out finally on the 17th hole, but too little, too late.  I'm sure it helped on that little one and a half foot tap‑in on the last hole.

Q.  Was it rhythmical?
TIGER WOODS:  No, it was more path than anything else.  I had my lines good, but it's just setting my path out.  I was trying to marry the two.  I was trying to figure it out last night on the putting green and couldn't get comfortable enough on the golf course and finally felt it, and then, boom, made a putt.

Q.  Is that just golf?  Just seems like you've been struggling on and off with that this year.
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, I get in these little spells where it's hot or cold.  Generally I was a decent putter over the years, but lately it's been very streaky, I'm making everything or I make nothing.

Q.  What about over the years your record here has been so good.  Does it matter if it's‑‑ you've had your struggles here.  Obviously last year you were hurt.  But it just seems like it hasn't been the same for you on this course.  Does it matter what the venue if you're not playing well?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I'm playing well, that's the thing.  I'm hitting it well.  I'm making nothing.  Certainly I didn't hit it good enough to be 11‑under par, but I certainly hit it good enough to be right there in the top 5 going into the weekend, no problem at all.
But yesterday I was 3‑under through 11.  If I would have just kept that pace up through the end of yesterday and into today, I'm fine.  But I didn't do that.

Q.  There's a difference between putting it poorly and not making anything and putting it well and not making anything.  Which one were you for most of the day?
TIGER WOODS:  Yesterday was bad putts.  Today I had good speed and just still not quite right.  And the putts I did pure, they were just lipping out.  So that's fine.  But I just need to get more consistent where I just don't hit a bad putt.  As soon as I start doing that, everything will be fine.

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