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June 29, 2012

Mark Foster


Q.  How good was that?
MARK FOSTER:  Pleasing, tough conditions.  Everybody kept describing the first day as benign, which I never saw that out there but I knew it was tougher today.  Yeah, I was really pleased with the way I got it around.

Q.  And a bit of everything out there, didn't you.
MARK FOSTER:  It's amazing.  It can change in a minute.  Obviously you see it coming over the hill, but you just think, oh, that's not going to be here for a while and the next thing you're under your umbrella trying to get everything on really quick.  Just too warm to leave everything on.

Q.  It is amazing, we are bathed in sunshine now, you almost feel you need a sunblock and the next minute the rain is horizontal.
MARK FOSTER:  It is, it comes underneath your umbrella, comes at such an angle, and then the sunshine can come.
My caddie, he said the same.  Both times we were on the range this morning‑‑ yesterday morning, and then this afternoon, ready to go out, and I mean, we were getting so wet.  It was freezing and it was like, I wasn't in the best of moods.  And he said, don't worry, it will change, it will change.  And he was right; well, it can change.  He did say will change.  So I'm glad it did.

Q.  So how often are you second guessing on shots and having to change your mind over execution?
MARK FOSTER:  Obviously you don't try and second guess, but you do send a couple of shots out there and just keep your fingers crossed.

Q.  I presume, though, that you still enjoy that, that that adds to the challenge, the excitement of it?
MARK FOSTER:  Well, if you are playing well, you tend to enjoy it more.  It's no different to any game.  But it's a different challenge this week.  If you don't get in an Open, that's the only links golf you're going to play, and it's a shame we don't play more, but I understand why we don't, as well.  It just feels like a different week, and it's a good challenge.

Q.  Are you excited, into the weekend?
MARK FOSTER:  Why wouldn't I be?  Exactly, yeah.  What are we looking, 54,000 people or something over the weekend.  Even with umbrellas, you see people with their hands in their pockets, throwing down with rain, you still hear massive roars, so why wouldn't you be.

Q.  At the halfway stage,  you're in a very tidy position.
MARK FOSTER:  Yeah, exactly, right where you want to be.  It's Friday evening, so the usual golfer's answer:  See how the weekend goes.  But right in the box seat is just where you want to be going out.

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