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June 24, 2012

Bubba Watson


Q.  Bubba, you certainly gave it a run out there today.
BUBBA WATSON:  Yeah, you know, it was good.  I played good for three days, had one bad day.  But all in all it was a great day.  Came up a little short, but it was good.  It was good fighting.  It was good fun.

Q.  Tell me about the drive at the 15th.  Just the wrong swing at the wrong time?
BUBBA WATSON:  Oh, yeah.  I've never played that hole good.  If you go back to my history of me playing this golf tournament, I've always hit it in that water.  And I've made a par on that hole after hitting it in the water at least three times, so I'm used to the shot.

Q.  And that putt on 18 is a tough read.
BUBBA WATSON:  Yeah, it is.  It was sad that my ball backed out a little bit down wind out of the first cut sitting down and somehow it backed up to that far.  But it was a tough read.  I didn't read it right.  I hit a good putt, though.

Q.  You have to feel good that you're back to work and you're playing well.
BUBBA WATSON:  Yeah.  For sure.  It's good to get back and get under the gun and get under the pressure and get back to where I was starting at the beginning of the year.  So it's a good start.

Q.  When do we see you again?
BUBBA WATSON:  British Open.

Q.  You go you go out 31 and you're shooting up the leaderboard.  It's like, oh, my goodness.  This man's got a chance.
BUBBA WATSON:  Yeah, you know, it was a good start.  I missed a couple putts here and there, but it was a great start.  It's what I needed.  Just didn't finish it off on the back.  I made my run and just didn't kind of really have anything after that.

Q.  What happened?
BUBBA WATSON:  It's golf.  It's tough.  Bad swing here, missed a putt here, things like that.  Just little things, but if it was the other way around it would look like I made a charge late.  So it just worked out and I just came up short.

Q.  When are we going to see you next?
BUBBA WATSON:  British Open.  I got a lot of stuff to do at the new house.  Buying a new house, got a lot of adoption stuff to do, got a lot of paperwork to go through with that.  So I've got time off, got three weeks off now to hopefully get all that stuff done.

Q.  I imagine you're excited to be playing good golf again?
BUBBA WATSON:  Yeah, for sure.  All this stuff is starting to settle down, even though the fans are still out there supporting me.  I'm starting to get back to just playing golf again and practicing and getting used to my situation.

Q.¬† Bubba, obviously, par‑4 for you again?
BUBBA WATSON:  I made par.  There's going to be a lot of people making pars.  Guy I played with made a par.  It's not an easy hole to birdie.  It's a tough hole.  But obviously I'd like that swing back to have a chance for birdie and get a little closer to the lead.

Q.  Was there any thought to laying up there?  Did you feel like you need to maybe eagle given some of the numbers out there today and your position?
BUBBA WATSON:¬† No.¬† I hit 4‑wood.¬† I carry a 4‑wood, not a 3‑wood in there.¬† It really doesn't go that far, maybe get to the front of the green if I hit it perfect.¬† So it's kind of like a lay‑up anyway, but I've hit it in the water so many times and made par so many times after hitting the water, so I'm used to it.¬† So my caddie said, you're probably still going to make par.¬† I said yeah, I'm used to hitting it in the water.¬† So I'm good.

Q.  How about the response of the fans?  They've just really caught on to you, not only here.  Every where else, but certainly here and after 2010.  What's that been like?
BUBBA WATSON:  It's been great.  They've treated me like I'm from here.  They've treated me like family.  All the support that I had today, even starting out the day, all the people walking around.  Yeah, it's been great.  You know, the tournament's been really good to all of us players, but for the fans that stick with me on bad rounds and my good rounds it's always fun and it's nice to see.

Q.  In golf can you feed off of that?
BUBBA WATSON:  Oh, for sure.  You know, when you have a lot of support, even when you hit a bad swing or a bad putt, they're still cheering for you and they're still watching you and they're pulling for you.  So obviously you can just keep going with that.

Q.  That little putt on 18, did you hit it through the break?
BUBBA WATSON:  We thought it was going to come off that bunker.  We thought it was going to come off to the bunker to the start going to the left and then come back, and it never went to the left like I thought.  So it was just a little off.

Q.  Did you realize you were sort of where you were, Charley had just kind of hit it in the water on 17, I guess?
BUBBA WATSON:  I had no idea.  I just knew that there was a 14 on the board.  So I knew when I missed the fairway on 17 I was going to make that birdie chance hard.  And I knew 18, just to try to get to 14, no matter where Charley was, I was just trying to get to 14 and tell the guy in the clubhouse.

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