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June 22, 2012

Andy Roddick


A. RODDICK/S. Darcis
6‑3, 3‑1 (ret.)

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Are you scaring your opponents off court?  That's the second one to quit on you.
ANDY RODDICK:  Hey, I'll take them how I can get them (smiling).

Q.  Interesting kind of day, wasn't it?
ANDY RODDICK:¬† It was tough, some of the toughest conditions ‑‑I can't remember much tougher that I've played in.¬† That wind out there is frightening.¬† It's tough.¬† It's not as much as about tennis today as just kind of getting through it.
You know, there's going to be some lucky points.  There's going to be some that you have no business losing.
My favorite thing, I had one double fault in four sets in this stuff today.  It was just shocking in this wind.  So I wouldn't have bet on myself for that at the beginning of the day.

Q.  How did you feel about going on that outside court?
ANDY RODDICK:  You know, I was having deja vu to the US Open last year.  That was a leak coming out from underneath the court.  This one was the hole in the tarp that they didn't realize was there.  So it was just getting flooded all night with the rain.
You know, so what are you going to do?  I feel bad that they kicked a junior match off in the middle of the third set (laughter).  One of the U.S. kids comes in and goes, What's the deal?
I'm like, Sorry, man.  Get outta here  (laughter).

Q.  This has turned into a good week for you, though, hasn't it?
ANDY RODDICK:  Yeah.  Yeah, as soon as I lost in Queen's, it was a quick phone call to see if they would let me participate here, you know, with the idea of trying to get some matches in before Wimbledon.
There's a lot of times when you make plans where you draw the perfect scenario, and, you know, you draw up a script and it doesn't work out.  You know, that's probably 80% of the time in sports, 90% of the time in sports.
This week has worked out.  Regardless of what happens, I'll go into Wimbledon with some wins behind me and some confidence on a surface I'm very comfortable on, you know, so I feel like I got my game back a little bit this week.

Q.  I was speaking to Greg Rusedski at the start of the week, and he said you've still got one big moment left in you.  Do you kind of feel that, as well?
ANDY RODDICK:  Well, I just won (smiling).
Yeah, I mean, I don't know.¬† If you'd have asked me last week after I lost, you know, I'd probably‑‑not probably.¬† I was probably a lot more negative than I would be answering right now.
Yeah, I mean, that's what you play for.  You know, I don't know that I can play 26 events a year anymore or, you know, be on the road 45 weeks a year with my body the way it is, but fortunately for me Grand Slams are only two weeks long.

Q.  Has it been a slightly frustrating week having to move around, the conditions not being exactly perfect today and two retirements?
ANDY RODDICK:  Yeah, it's amazing how much better you feel about it when you're still alive and winning.
Frustrating, yes, but it's good to get through those.¬† You know, I haven't been good ‑‑it's weird.¬† My whole career I've been very good about winning matches I'm supposed to win and winning close matches and getting through them somehow.
As good as I have been in my career so far, I have been that bad in those scenarios this year for whatever reason.   So it's not fun in the moment.
You know, there weren't a lot of fun points out there today, but it has value.  You know, it definitely has value as far as going forward.   So frustrating, sure; but rewarding, too.

Q.  Have you enjoyed your week in Eastbourne?
ANDY RODDICK:  Yeah, it's been great.  You know, like I said, it's everything I could have asked for.  You know, I feel like I can come here and get my work in.
You know, the facility has been great.  The courts have been great.  There's plenty of practice courts.  The community really seems to support this event.
You know, you're not dealing with the hustle and bustle of a massive city.  I think before a major, that's nice.  You know, you can kind of come down here under the radar and get my work done and really have a positive week.
So it was a really good opportunity for me.

Q.  Would you come back?
ANDY RODDICK:  I'm not committing to come back anywhere right now.  We'll see.  (Smiling.)

Q.  Any preference for the final or just glad to be there?
ANDY RODDICK:  No.  I mean, it's a different scenario.  Obviously there's not a whole lot of emotional attachment with Seppi.  I mean, I think we respect each other.  We have been on the tour together for a long time.  I think we've only played each other once.  Seems like a nice guy.
Obviously Ryan, you know, a lot of his decisions in his career so far I feel like I have had a bit of a say in and have helped out a little bit.
So different matchups.  One guy I don't know as well.  Ryan I know very well.  You know, I know his game very well.  You know, we practice all the time in Austin and we're in the same training group in Austin off the court, as well.
You know, his coach is one of my best friends in Austin.  You know, he's one of my golfing buddies.
So two different scenarios.  But, you know, either way I know what I have to go to do to try to win this tournament.

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