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June 2, 2012

Tiger Woods


Q.  As well as you hit the ball, probably not the score you were looking for.
TIGER WOODS:  No, I certainly probably shot the highest score I could have shot today considering the way I hit it.  But I'm only four back, and out here with the conditions, supposed to be like this tomorrow again, anything can happen.

Q.  How are you feeling?
TIGER WOODS:  I've been better.

Q.  Flu?

Q.  How much did that affect your day today?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I was blowing my nose an awful lot in the towel, so I don't think Joey is real happy about that.  But overall it is what it is.  You've just got to go out there and deal with it.  I was focused and patient all day, so can't complain on that.

Q.  The putts were‑‑ a little bit short, six putts inside of 12, 15 feet that you missed.
TIGER WOODS:  No doubt.  I had a difficult time adjusting to the pace today.  I know they're slower than what they were yesterday‑‑ sorry, faster than what they were yesterday.  But they just didn't look that fast, and I ran a couple putts by, also left a few short.  And also I was trying to stay steady in this wind, which is a task in itself, too.  I did the best I could today.

Q.  Can you talk about the way you're hitting the ball?  I think you're leading the field in greens and hit a pretty good number of fairways, as well.
TIGER WOODS:  I feel really good the way I am hitting the golf ball.  The things we've been working on the last few tournaments I'm finally starting to do.  This is the way I know I'm capable of hitting the golf ball.  The beauty of it is I've been missing the golf ball in the correct spots, and that's when I know I have control of my game is that you're not going to hit every shot perfect, but at least I miss it on the correct sides.

Q.  You hit that same tree on the 5th both days.
TIGER WOODS:  Tell me about it.  I hit two perfect tee shots the first two days to hug it up the right, because I can't get there with this wind unless I hug it up the right with 3‑wood.  Driver is too much.  So I have to try and flirt with that right side, and it just so happened both of them caught that tree.

Q.  What do you think tomorrow given these conditions, what kind of a score?  I know you usually like to have a number in your head.
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I don't know.  The winning score may not change from what it's at right now, or it may go higher, may go lower.  We don't know.  That's the hard part about this golf course is there's so many demanding holes that anything can happen.  For instance, obviously 12 is just a pretty prime example of that.  Yeah, you're seeing the best players in the world make 5 and higher there this week.  It's not that hard a hole if the wind is not blowing, but when it's gusting like this, it's awfully difficult to hit the ball the right number, and you find that a lot on just about every hole out here is that it's tough to get the ball pin high.

Q.  Did it hurt you when Scott hit it in the water?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, well, he's longer than I am, too, so when he hit 7‑iron there, I know he kind of stuck it in the ground a little bit, but it came up well short, plus you can tell he a pretty good gust and he hammered it.  But it was a full 7 for me, but if I flight it, I didn't have to hit it full, and I was kind of more committed to hitting it down and making sure I just kept it left.  Anything on the left half of the green, I would have been pleased, and I just hit it right through it.

Q.  When you look at where you are going into tomorrow, is that a good place to be or do you feel you left a few shots out there?
TIGER WOODS:  Oh, no doubt I left a few shots out there.  But four shots is definitely manageable around this golf course, considering the conditions and what they're going to be tomorrow.  A lot of guys are still in this ballgame with‑‑ it'll be an exciting day tomorrow.

Q.  Has your health gotten progressively worse or did it stabilize at all between how you felt on the 1st tee and now?
TIGER WOODS:  (No response)

Q.  How important is it to get to the par‑5s in two?  Guys were hitting 5, 6 down to get it down there, making eagle, chipping in.
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, it is.  A couple of par‑5s are just not the right wind for me.  Obviously as I explained over on 5.  11 is not the right wind for me.  I like to cut the ball, and in off the left I've got to throw it out over that creek or left of the creek.  And then 15 today is‑‑ geez, that thing is playing long.  Some of the shorter guys won't be able to carry the creek on the left if they pull it.  I haven't ever seen it play that long.  But it is important to get it down there and give yourself a run at some of these par‑5s because there's very few birdie holes out there.

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