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May 31, 2012

Phil Mickelson


Q.  I guess you had better intentions.
PHIL MICKELSON:  Well, after we played‑‑ after I played three weeks in a row, I played Charlotte, THE PLAYERS and the Nelson, I went straight to Europe to celebrate Amy's 40th.  I came back and had a Tuesday outing in Long Island, the pro‑am, and I think mentally I'm a little bit fatigued.
So the course here is in such great shape.  It's a beautiful way to get ready for the U.S. Open.  But I'm hitting it so poorly that I think that for me to‑‑ I have to look at what's best for me to play in the U.S. Open, and I'm going to take the next few days to kind of rest up.  I'll probably go see Butch and see if I can get things straightened out.
But certainly I'm disappointed with how I played today, but I think I need‑‑ I've got to be more big picture oriented and think about the Open and what's best to get my best golf out there, and I need the next few days to rest up a bit.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
PHIL MICKELSON:  No, I think that the U.S. Open is such a mental and physical grind, you need to be sharp going in there, and Memphis is so hot that it takes a lot out of you to play that week.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
PHIL MICKELSON:  I'm going to.  I have, yeah.

Q.  Did you go to Paris last week?
PHIL MICKELSON:  We went to Italy and Paris, yeah.

Q.  She turned 40?
PHIL MICKELSON:  She turned 40, yeah.  It's actually today, so I'm going to go see her.

Q.  Was it nice?
PHIL MICKELSON:  We had a great time, but I think I probably just went a little bit overboard last month, and it has nothing to do with playing poorly and so forth, but I do think I need to get rested to play my best for the Open.

Q.  We haven't had any rain here.  How difficult‑‑ it's Jack's whole goal to make you guys think.
PHIL MICKELSON:  It was awesome.  It was a great setup.  I think if you struck it well it's a course you get rewarded on.  I struck it horrendously and I got penalized, and that's the way it should be.  It's really a great setup.

Q.  Were there focus issues, not just how you felt physically?  It seemed like there were distractions.  Was that part of it?
PHIL MICKELSON:  I think it was more that mentally I wasn't able to focus as well from the last month more than anything.

Q.  When was the last time you played six straight events?
PHIL MICKELSON:  I was probably five.

Q.  The Open is obviously a big deal to you given your close calls and everything.  Any thoughts on how Olympic will set up for you?  I know it's been a long time since you played there.
PHIL MICKELSON:  Yeah, that's another thing, too.  I might go spend a couple days there if I feel up for it the next four or five days.  I may spend one or two up there.  I haven't had a chance to get out there yet.  I know it's a course that's very strategic that you have a lot of options off the tee and you have to have a solid game plan heading in, and I haven't had as much time there as I'd like.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
PHIL MICKELSON:  It very well could be.  I feel like it's the responsibility of a player to see through your commitment and finish the tournament and so forth, and I'm kind of overruling that just a touch because I'm trying to think big picture on what's the best way for me to get ready for the Open.

Q.  Will you go home then tonight?

Q.  You're not going to hang around for your brother on Monday?
PHIL MICKELSON:  No.  He's playing Monday, yeah.  I have a Monday outing.

Q.  Any thoughts on Olympic and how it stands apart from the different U.S. Open venues?
PHIL MICKELSON:  Yeah, I think all courses, when you get the course setup like an Open, hard, firm, fast, the subtleties come out on all the courses.  Olympic is really no different than the others.

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