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May 11, 2012

Tiger Woods


Q.  You had a little stretch there in the middle where you really had it going.
TIGER WOODS:  I did, yeah.  I hit a good shot there at 8 and made the putt, and from there I really hit some good shots.

Q.  Did you get a lot out of this round, or did you feel like you could have gotten more out of it?
TIGER WOODS:  I probably could have gotten one or two more out of it.  But I really played well today.  I was just very consistent, and nothing spectacular, just real solid golf.

Q.  You looked like a guy that didn't want to miss consecutive cuts.  Can you feel that, a little bit of pressure?
TIGER WOODS:  I was trying to shoot my number today, and I thought that would put me four or five back, and it would have put me four.
66 was my number today.  I figured that would have been a good way to go into the weekend, being probably four or five back.  It would have put me four back.  But I'm still with a good chance.

Q.  What part of your game were you most pleased with?
TIGER WOODS:  The whole thing.  I hit the ball well all day and really putted well today.  I had good speed on the greens, and finally what I was seeing and what I was feeling were matching up on speeds, which was good.
I misread a few putts out there, which the greens were a little bit grainy this afternoon.  So I didn't give it enough credit on a couple of those putts, but other than that, it was good.

Q.  Did you feel some momentum there in the middle?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, I was trying to just keep plugging along.  I ended up making four in a row there.  And then at 12 I had just a little flip sand wedge in there to make par, and I thought I stuffed it there at 13.  It was a foot or two from being a kick‑in.  It would have been a really nice stretch there.

Q.  With some of the par‑5s today, was that part of the plan?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I had to play them better than I have been playing par‑5s, period.  Good drives here, you're hitting irons to just about every par‑5, especially 9.  9 is downwind today.  Those four par‑5s you've got to have iron to the green.  We as players just have to take care of the par‑5s.

Q.  You and Rickie play a lot of rounds together back home?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, we've had a lot of fun at home, some good money games.  You know, the first time I ever played with him out here in a tournament situation.
But playing with him at home, I know his game, know what he does, and it was just like playing at home but transplanted over here to Jacksonville.

Q.  What happened with the shoe on the 6th?
TIGER WOODS:  My tee shot there at 5, I tore the eyelet out of it.  Just the way it goes.  So I had another backup pair and sent the right shoe out, and off we went.

Q.  What adjustments did you make from yesterday to today putting‑wise or with your swing?
TIGER WOODS:  Putting‑wise, nothing.  I putted good yesterday.
Swing‑wise we did some work yesterday afternoon, tightened it up, felt better with what we're working on, and I went with it today, and it worked out pretty good.

Q.  You'll play about the same time tomorrow afternoon probably, maybe a couple minutes earlier.  Does that help going into Saturday knowing kind of how the conditions are going to be?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, I think it'll be probably a little bit quicker than it was today.  I don't think it's going to be quite as hot.  I think that's the forecast.
If it's a little bit drier and the wind coming out of the east northeast, I think we'll get these greens a little bit more speedy, plus we're not going to have as many guys trampling on them, so they're definitely going to be smoother.

Q.  Do you have fun playing this course?
TIGER WOODS:  Absolutely, it's a challenge.  It's an absolute challenge.  All Pete's golf courses are.  They're more visual than anything else.  You have to be committed to your lines here, tees and greens, because obviously he gives you a lot more room than you think.  But granted, if you miss it, good luck.

Q.  What's the hardest part about this golf course for you personally?
TIGER WOODS:  You know, I don't know, because it's one of those things where you just have to hit the ball well at the right time.  You just have to hit the ball well all week.
I think I've done that, what, two times here, and the rest of the time, it hasn't been quite spot‑on.  All Pete's golf courses do that to you, whether it's here or Whistling Straits or maybe this year at Kiawah.  It makes you have to hit the ball well here.  You just can't‑‑ as I said before, you just can't fake it around this place.

Q.  Talk about the second shot on 16.  You were looking like a couple places.  How did that all work through?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I went up to Joey and I said, hey, if you were in the fairway what would we hit.  I had 230 front, 250 hole, and it was a little bit into the breeze, so it would have been a 3‑iron to the front edge, no big deal.
Now I've got‑‑ now I'm turning it, so it's even better.  So I figured if I turned a 3‑iron over there, it's going to be front edge of the green or left where Rickie put it, and it's an easy pitch.
Ended up just nicking the tree; and if it didn't, it would have been over where Rickie's ball was.

Q.  Talk about the wind swirling right in the middle of the round.
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, it was all over the place.  It was strong enough where we could get a beat on it where it was above the trees.  It stayed constant, but down in them, it was swirling a little bit.

Q.  14, you backed off it a couple times and it looked like you might have been distracted by something in the crowd.  Walk us through what happened there.
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, I backed off a couple times.  I didn't quite feel committed to my line; and then I got committed and then the guy took a picture with his camera phone, and I backed off again.
It's kind of the theme the last couple days for all of us in our group, a lot of phones going off.  Used to it, and we backed off.  I got reset.  I was trying to hit just a hard swinging drawdown there, and I just hung it a little bit.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS:  Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.  Today it set up perfect for a 3‑wood down there, and I could turn it back into the wind and I had a big backboard over there on the left.

Q.  You hit one of the best shots of the day on 18.  Why is that pin so hard to get to down there?
TIGER WOODS:  It's not too hard when you have a 9‑iron in there.  If it's into the wind, yeah, it's a tough hole.
Thankfully they've fixed it from last year, what Graeme had happen to him, because that should never happen.  But it's an easy pin if you get it down there, because then you have a backboard and you can spin it.  But if you're too far back, it's hard to stop a mid iron or long iron into that flag.  And if you go over the back, it's almost impossible to get the thing up‑and‑down.

Q.  How has Joey been with you on the course, first time at THE PLAYERS?
TIGER WOODS:  He's been good.  He knows this place.  This is one of Fred's favorite places.  He's had a lot of success here.  He's won here a couple times.  He knows how to read these things, too, which is good.
The only thing that's different is that it's Bermuda instead of the overseed that he's played with Fred all those years.  That's a little bit different, but we know what it's going to do, which is good, the overall movement.  Now we've just got to factor in grain.

Q.  The club on 18 tee?
TIGER WOODS:  I hit 5‑wood.

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