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May 6, 2012

Phil Mickelson


Q.  Just couldn't get anything going?
PHIL MICKELSON:  Yeah, I thought I played okay this week, but I just didn't play well enough, I didn't get any hot runs.  And the first day I let a really good opportunity go because the conditions we had in the morning were so calm and the greens were soft that it was an opportunity to score really low and I didn't take advantage of it.
Later on I played okay, I just didn't get it going. I had a great week, though.  I really enjoy coming out here.  I enjoy playing this golf course.  Tee to green it's a wonderful challenge.  It's just the way the holes are shaped, they're beautifully done.  I think the bunkering here is some of the best I've ever seen, too, the way the bunkers were manicured, also the simple form of the bunkers.  It's not over‑bunkered.  It's not bunkers everywhere you look, there's just one strategically placed that shapes the hole.  It's just really well done here.

Q.  Have you finished your speech for tomorrow?
PHIL MICKELSON:  I haven't started it.  I was going to work on it tonight.

Q.  Are you excited about tomorrow?
PHIL MICKELSON:  Yeah, it'll be fun.

Q.  Is it a solo effort or will you get T.R. to work with you?
PHIL MICKELSON:  No, I'll figure it out.  I end up speaking quite a bit throughout the year with the outings and so forth.  I'll figure it out.

Q.  What do you think of 17 and what they're going to do to 8, and obviously down the road they're going to move 16 green to where 17 tee is for the PGA Championship in a few years.  What do you think of some of the things they're doing?
PHIL MICKELSON:  I think tee to green this is one of the best courses I've ever seen anywhere in the world, and I think that when the greens go through their remodeling, if they're done right, this could be one of the best golf courses in the world.  There's potential here for greatness.
I think that we have such elegance tee to green, really a great mixture of shots required off the tee and into the green that you want to have‑‑ less is more, and sometimes when you overdo it, it detracts from the greatness of the course.
I think when they get redone properly, I think this is going to be one of the best courses anywhere.

Q.  You played with Jonathan Byrd.  He seems to up his game when he plays with you.  Can you talk about what you saw out of him today and about his game a little bit?
PHIL MICKELSON:  He's a very solid player.  He's been out here 11 years now, and he's just a very solid player.  He doesn't try to do too much.  He just keeps the ball in play, hits solid shots, and he's a good putter.

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