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April 29, 2012

Bubba Watson


Q.  All right. So after your first advance post-Masters, what's the consensus, what's the thought on where Bubba Golf is right now?
BUBBA WATSON:  My mind is with my wife and my kid.  I want to go home and spend time with them.  I want to be a better husband, a better dad.  I want to learn how to be a dad.  You know, we've had him for five weeks.  I've only been home for maybe two weeks.
So I just want to go home and then see what it feels like to be a real dad, you know, and be there and support my wife and everything.  So, that's where I really want to be right now.

Q.  Did you give yourself a pep talk to give yourself a really good round on Saturday?
BUBBA WATSON:  No.  I just -- I just woke up feeling a lot better.  All this media attention, all this stuff, signing all these autographs, signing all these yellow Masters flags, just kind of tires you out.  Not a bad thing, it's just different.  Something you're not used to.

Q.  When will we see you again?
BUBBA WATSON:  Hopefully soon.  We'll see.  We'll go home and see what it is.

Q.  At The Players and Memorial?
BUBBA WATSON:  Yeah, for sure.  That's where I'm supposed to be.  That's where I'm scheduled to play.  We're going to go home and evaluate and see where we're at.

Q.  On Thursday you were talking about being exhausted.
BUBBA WATSON:  I played a little bit better.  I still had some hiccups in the middle of the rounds.  Had a few bogies today.
All in all, pretty good week being tired, coming back for the first time after winning the Masters, all this different media attention, you know, all the stuff that comes with it, it's different.
It's something you got to get used to.  Wears on you, tires you out.  Somehow I finished -- I'm in the Top 20.  Lot of guys wished they did that.  Not a bad week.

Q.  Going to take some time off?  You were a little tired getting here.  Going to take some time off?
BUBBA WATSON:  Got a week off.  Scheduled to play TPC, The Players and then Memorial.  Go home and be a dad and husband and see how I feel in a couple days.

Q.  First two holes Bubba, just bad start for you, just didn't hit it that well?
BUBBA WATSON:  No, actually I hit it good.  Hit the fairway on the 1st hole.  Hit a sand wedge that flew the green.  We judged the wind wrong and flew the green, made a quick bogey there but hit two great shots.
Second hole, a nasty lie in the bunker.  Didn't hit it very good.  Hit it in the worse lie and made a quick bogey.  Nothing like bad play.
One of those things, just didn't go my way.  I kept my head down and knew there were some birdies out there and somehow how fought to a 2-under today.

Q.  What do you say you did best today?
BUBBA WATSON:  Today?  Kept my head together.  Quick bogies on the first two holes can easily ruin your round and make you get down on yourself.  I stayed with it so my mind was good today and I stayed with it and somehow shot a couple under.

Q.  How about Russell Knox?
BUBBA WATSON:  He played good.  A good talent, young kid.  Rookie out here.  Got to see the courses.  You can see where he really hits the ball pretty straight.  Putt and chip really well.  You know, he's just got to stay patient and it's not going to happen overnight.

Q.  What about the reception you got here?  You were clearly a fan favorite going in.  You won this last year and with the Masters.
What about the kind of reception you got from the fans here?
BUBBA WATSON:  It was great.  Every time I've been here they treated me well here.  The fans treated me great here.  I've had a little bit more support this week after winning the Masters but they treated me great.  Nothing to complain about.  They've been nothing but the best fans that I've been around.

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