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April 28, 2012

Bubba Watson


Q.  How did you feel out there today?
BUBBA WATSON:  Felt a lot better bit.  Had 9 hours of sleep, 11 hours the day before.  Nine hours last night.  Getting a little bit better.
You know, I hit the ball pretty solid.  Hit one bad shot that went on water on 17, my 8th hole.  Made a lot of good putts and swings.  Hit a lot of greens today.  Made some putts.  Turned out to a low score.

Q.  You had a clear mind frame today?  Was there a difference there?  I know yesterday you had said --
BUBBA WATSON:  Yeah.  It was -- basically kicked myself in the butt, you know, said, "Look if you're going to come out here you better come out here to win."
I made the cut on the number.  Knew if I could shoot something under par the next 2 days it would be respectable.  Got a lot lower than I really was hopping for.  Tomorrow I'm still in it.  I shoot another low one tomorrow, I could get the lead again.

Q.  Talk about the parings with Graeme and Ogilvy?  How did that pan out for you?
BUBBA WATSON:  It was good.  Anytime you play with buddies -- they have the same agent and manager.  We know each other quite well.  Graeme, I've known him over the years.  Known him a lot more since the Ryder Cup and all that stuff.  Great guy.
And so I knew the pairing was going to be fun to play with, guys I could talk to about winning Majors and all the stuff that comes with it.

Q.  You still think the goal is you can win?
BUBBA WATSON:  I'm tied for 15th.  So long as I don't choke tomorrow, I should have a good shot at it.

Q.  Couple guys said this course compares to a Florida course.  Do you find that the case?  There's bermuda greens, obviously.
BUBBA WATSON:  The grass, kind of grass it is, the way it's laid out.  Jacksonville TPC is kind of this same way.  You know, I think the same architect, Pete Dye.  All of his stuff kind of similar with some humps and bumps, little bunkers.  So, yeah it all looks that way the same as Jacksonville course.

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