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April 27, 2012

Paul Casey


Q.  Thoughts on your play today.
PAUL CASEY:  Well, a lot of pars.  I guess I'm a little frustrated with it.  We had absolutely wonderful conditions compared to yesterday.  You know, maybe I didn't swing quite as freely as I would have liked.  I think part of that was only having about five hours sleep, and waking up at four o'clock.  Part of that was it was exceedingly cold this morning for the first hour.  But after that, it was wonderful.  Just never really got going.
So, a little bit frustrated, but, nonetheless, we are in the weekend and you have to be in it to win it.

Q.  You came here practically in the dark.
PAUL CASEY:  This morning, yeah.  I slept in the car.  Yeah, I had the heated seats on in the back, and David Howell and I passed out in the back, and woke up and we were here.
Yeah, it was a very short evening last night by the time we actually got back to the hotel.¬† It was gone 8:00.¬† It was a quarter past eight or so. ¬†When you're waking up at four o'clock in the morning‑‑ I'm one for sort of eight, nine, 12 hours' sleep if I can get it.¬† So I'll be making up for it tonight for sure.

Q.  But you did welcome the warmer weather that did eventually come through and you're nicely in the right position.
PAUL CASEY:  It is still a tricky golf course, and even with benign conditions as we have had today, it's still difficult.  It's still, you know, maybe the way it sets up, if you get a bit aggressive and you get it wrong, you can be penalized.  I think it's why we are not seeing anybody really run away with it, as I look at the leaderboard right now.  And I'm only a couple of shots out of second place.  So that's not bad at all, and I'll be very happy if I stay within sort of, let's say, five of the leaders.  That would be wonderful, and gives me an opportunity to go out there early tomorrow and make a charge at things.

Q.  Get those competitive juices going?
PAUL CASEY:  They are already going but get more of them going.  And build confidence and fire at a few flags.  Put myself in the mix.  Need to make a few more putts but that will come over the weekend.

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