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April 26, 2012

Paul Casey


SCOTT CROCKETT:  Paul, many thanks for coming in and joining us, as always.  Well played today, tough conditions out there and a good score and good place in the tournament.  Give us your thoughts on round one.
PAUL CASEY:  Thank you.  I'm very happy with 2‑under today.  Only my second time on the golf course.  Yesterday was obviously very, very difficult in the Pro‑Am.  Still learning my way sort of around this golf course, and eliminated the mistakes, didn't make a huge amount of birdies.
But very, very happy with 2‑under because it looks like it's been‑‑ haven't looked at the scores, but have a feeling it hasn't been sort of blown apart; few guys played well and few guys struggled.
SCOTT CROCKETT:  You've had one or two injury problems this season, how are you feeling yourself and how do you feel the game is now.
PAUL CASEY:  The game now is the best I've felt so far this season.  Still trying to sort of get the comfort level back on the golf course.  You know, there's nothing with the shoulder dislocation that's holding me back.  The shoulder feels great and the body feels wonderful.
In fact, I feel like I'm swinging it back when I did a few years ago, when I played some great golf in 2006 or 2009.  I feel like the freedom is coming back.  I need to sharpen it up.
Been playing some very good golf, actually, the last couple of weeks, and I just have been making too many mistakes and that's what I've got to put right, and that requires playing more competitive rounds of golf and just getting that edge back, because you can't compete out here unless you have that edge.

Q.  So six months ago, you won the Shinehan Donghae Open, and it's been six months since you've last visited Korea, and I think that the conditions at the Jack Nicklaus golf course was also very windy.  So are you confident to win this tournament?
PAUL CASEY:  It's a very different golf course, this one.  I'm a big fan of Jack Nicklaus courses and played them a lot in college, college golf in the U.S.
This golf course is a little bit more tricky and with the wind conditions this week, it's a little less forgiving.  So you know, I have to be on top of my game.
Am I confident to win?  Yeah, I know if I play the golf I'm capable of, I've got a very good chance to win.  The way I played today, I need to keep that form going, because there's a long way to go.

Q.  So right now around the world, we see a lot of European athletes or players on top of the World Rankings, Lee Westwood, Rory McIlroy.  So I was wondering if you are also‑‑ I was wondering if you also have the ambitions to become No. 1 on the World Ranking.
PAUL CASEY:  I've been as high as three in the world, and the year I was three, I felt like I was on a bit of a charge and unfortunately picked up an injury that year.
So you know, my goal is to see how good I can be.  You know, if I compare myself to the other guys, I know where I can be, and just takes a lot of hard work and practice, and continue to play golf.  We will see.

Q.  So last time when you were in Korea, you played with Mr.Joo (ph) and this time you're playing with Mr.Y.E. Yang.  So could you maybe share with us what you feel are the strengths of these two Korean players who represent Korea?
PAUL CASEY:  I don't spend a lot of time analysing other guys' games, I must admit.   They have a vast repertoire of shots.  They are both very good putters.  But I think the main key is they have the determination and the drive, and the focus.  I think that's consistent with everybody out here, not just those players.

Q.  So I don't think we will have strong winds for all four days, but with the exception of the wind, what sort of factors will impact your score here on this course?
PAUL CASEY:  I mean, the golf course changes every day.  Tees, pin locations; it doesn't have to be a lot of wind around this golf course to really affect the golf ball.  And generally, how you're feeling.  It's a week‑long.  I've got a 7.30 tee time tomorrow.  There are a lot of variables that go into the week.  So trying to eliminate those variables is the key.

Q.  The leader, Victor Dubuisson, he mentioned he most admires you and Adam Scott for your composure on the course.  How much of this is a conscious effort, and how much of it is just a reflection of your character?
PAUL CASEY:  (Chuckling).  That's actually a good question.  Composure is not always there, so it's a conscious effort to keep the composure.
I mean, I'm fiery, simple as that.  I get frustrated at times, but, you know, I've been playing long enough now‑‑ and there used to be a point where I would think the frustration would affect me.  I've never been one to get too high, so that's never been an issue, because there are guys that get too excited and you need to sort of calm them down a little bit.
But it's a conscious effort, as I said, to sort of‑‑ going back to the various things to make sure that it's not something that affects my golf.  I feel like I've done a pretty good job of it and I've had enough things in my career, injuries, and a bit of, you know, have forced me to keep composed.
So actually makes me feel good to hear that he called my name out.
SCOTT CROCKETT:  Thanks for your time today.  Good luck tomorrow.

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