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April 21, 2012

Jordan Spieth


Q.  You had mentioned the tough holes with the wind.  How much of a fight though -- you had a great score going -- the fight of trying not to get ahead of yourself?
Did that play at all today?
JORDAN SPIETH:  I looked at the scoreboard.  I knew where I was.  It really -- I don't think it had an affect at all.  It was more just really, really difficult holes and I mean I hit good shots that just -- I was kind of wondering how they went over the green.
I was hitting punch shots right at the hole and ended up going over the green.  I look back and I don't feel like I ended up finishing the way I did but, you know, there's -- it's disappointing because I really didn't hit the ball that bad.  Just those holes got the best of me.

Q.  There was one hole, I forgot to mark it down, you and Briny were back behind and you punched yours and went down.  What hole was that?

Q.  What did you see there and how did that shot maybe get away from you?
JORDAN SPIETH:  I mean you can't leave it back down where you were.  Mine -- Briny ended up banking it and getting up and down.  That's a really difficult shot.  I felt more comfortable trying to spin it, land it on the fringe and spin it.  Wasn't much that I had.  Just trying to hit the pin, really and --

Q.  It did.
JORDAN SPIETH:  If not, it's going to go by.  I hit the shot how I wanted to.

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