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April 18, 2012

Angela Stanford


Q. ¬†So 3‑under.¬† Obviously a tough bogey at the last there.¬† Just take us through your day and how you feel you played.
ANGELA STANFORD:  Thought I got away with one today.  My putter bailed me out quite a bit, so to be upset about that last bogey, wasn't the putter's fault.
So hit it close on some of the par‑5s on the back nine and got off to a good start.¬† Just really kept myself out of big trouble today.¬† You know, I hit some errant shots, but I think I missed it in the right spots.

Q.  It's kind of cliche to always say whenever it's windy Texans will play well.  Do you think that is an advantage for you?
ANGELA STANFORD:  I don't think anybody likes the wind.  Just because I know what to expect when it's windy.  I think my mindset changes when it's windy just because I grew up in it.
It doesn't mean I like it; it just means I know what to expect?

Q.  You got a win earlier this year.  Just talk about what that did for you.  Did it change your goals this season?  Did it improve your confidence?
ANGELA STANFORD:  I think any time you win it helps your confidence.  My goal's stayed about the same.  I think everybody wants to win.  I want to win a major.
Didn't change a whole lot, but good to get one under the belt early in the year.

Q.  Last time you were here you won.  Does that have anything to do with this score today?
ANGELA STANFORD:  I think a little bit.

Q.  Karma.
ANGELA STANFORD:  Yeah, flying over, you know, all those positive memories came flooding a back.  I love Hawaii.  I love being here.  I love just the atmosphere, the people.
It is always windy usually, so I'm just comfortable.  I enjoy it here.

Q.  Director of golf said he feels like par today is like 75 or something.  Where would you put it with these conditions?
ANGELA STANFORD:  That's a good number.  I think it was blowing a little bit harder than it has all week.  The direction was pretty similar, but, you know, I just think when you get downwind, it's hard to hold some of those greens.  There are just so many factors.  I would agree that's probably a good par number.

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