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April 8, 2012

Tiger Woods


Q.  I know there was huge hope for you coming into this week.  How surprised are you by how the whole week went?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I didn't hit the ball very good this week, and what's frustrating is I know what to do, and I just don't do it.  I get out there and I just don't trust it at all.  I fall back into the same old patterns again, and I just need to do more reps.  Thank God my short game was good this week and my putting was really good.  Unfortunately they were all for pars, not for birdies.
If I look back on the week, I played the par‑5s atrociously.  This is a golf course you just have to dominate the par‑5s, and I did not do that at all this week.

Q.  Is it more frustrating to have played well at Bay Hill and to felt that kind of championship caliber feeling again and then to have lost it here?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, you're not going to play well every week.  Unfortunately it was this week for me.  I had the wrong ball‑striking week at the wrong time.  You know, just got to keep building, keep working and keep progressing.

Q.  I know you had a practice session on Thursday, but how were the rest of them?  Was it just a problem with transferring of weight?
TIGER WOODS:  Absolutely.  I can get it on the range, I can get it dialed in there, and we'll work on the same things and it feels really good, and I go to the golf course and I just don't quite trust it.  It just means I just need to do more reps.

Q.  Did you think you were past that at Bay Hill?
TIGER WOODS:  No, you're never past it.  You're never past it.  With all the different changes I've made in my game over the years, you're never past it.  You're still always working on little things.  I know the big things that we're working on are done, but it's the little things, too, now.  The details sometimes can be magnified.  Especially on a golf course like this, it doesn't take much.  You're a yard off here or there, which happened to be quite often, and next thing you know, I'm 40, 50 feet away.

Q.  Do you still have complete faith in the changes?
TIGER WOODS:  Oh, absolutely.  I see how my ball‑striking has been.  Unfortunately it wasn't this week.  Just got to go back and do more reps.

Q.  How are you feeling physically?
TIGER WOODS:  Feeling good.  Unfortunately I hit more shots than most guys did today, or this week.  Unfortunately I just need to get back at it and practice.

Q.  Your next outing, do you know yet?
TIGER WOODS:  Not yet, no.

Q.  Obviously you were frustrated with your game on the course, but some of the criticism you took off the course, how much did that offend you?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, it's just the way it is.  I'm trying to compete, and unfortunately I just didn't play well this week.

Q.  Are those emotions, is that part and parcel of who you are?  Is it also what makes you great when you put it together, the passion for the game?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I certainly try.  I try hard.  That's one thing I'm very proud of is how hard I grind day in and day out.

Q.  Do you try too hard do you think?  Is that possible, just want it too much the last week or so or the last two weeks?
TIGER WOODS:  No, I would like to say yes is the easy answer, but I know it's not unfortunately because it's‑‑ when you get into tough situations, you revert back to your old motor patterns because it's not new enough yet, and that's kind of what happened to me this week.

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