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April 6, 2012

Bubba Watson


Q.  What was it like out there today?
BUBBA WATSON:  It was different today.  It was real windy, gusty winds and then it was cold this morning.  Warming up now, but just a guessing game out there.  Your irons, you are not sure what the wind was doing, swirling, it seemed like.  Sometimes it was gusting pretty heavy, so it was a tough day, very tough.

Q.  With all that, are you pleased with where you stand?
BUBBA WATSON:  Oh, sure.  Any time you can shoot under par at a major golf event, especially the Masters here, it's a good day.  Sometimes I squeaked it in at 1 under.  Thought I was hitting the ball pretty good, but I shot 2 over on the front nine, and then made couple of easy birdies on the par 5s on the back nine.

Q.  That 13th hole, looked like you had a pretty good shot at eagle.  What was that situation for you?
BUBBA WATSON:  It was about a six‑footer and I'm not very good at putting, so I missed it.  I made an easy birdie, though.  I made sure I made birdie.

Q.  What about tomorrow?  What is the mindset for tomorrow?
BUBBA WATSON:  Same thing.  I mean, my goal is not to worry about what everybody else is doing, just try to shoot under par.  If you can shoot under par at a major, you are going to move up that leaderboard.  So you have got two more days.  We're just halfway done.  It's going to be tough.  I don't know what the conditions are going to be tomorrow.  I haven't looked at the weather yet.  Same thing, just try to shoot under par and hopefully the other guys don't shoot more under par.

Q.  Are you ever comfortable out here on this course?
BUBBA WATSON:  I'm never comfortable.  Other than this, I'm just making up stuff now.

Q.  When you play here, do you feel the support because of your background and your roots down here?
BUBBA WATSON:  For sure.  I went to University of Georgia, graduated from there, all the people pulling for me, cheering for me.  Obviously all of UGA is pulling for me.  It's a good to be close to home.  We played here once a year when we were in college, so it's nice.

Q.  Are the conditions at all affected going for the par 5s going for them in two?
BUBBA WATSON:  No.  Going for them in 2?  No.  I've had about six mud balls in two days, though, maybe seven.  So I've had some other holes that were just I didn't know what to do, what kind of shot to play.

Q.  What did you hit into 13?  What club was that?
BUBBA WATSON:  6 iron today.

Q.  Did you always feel like this would be a place that set up for you?  When you first started playing golf, was this a place that I can't wait to get to that event?
BUBBA WATSON:  Yeah, when I was in high school and stuff and started really watching golf and understanding the game of golf, I knew that this place was going to be good for me because of the way I shape the ball.  So it sets up good for me to hit cuts, slices around the dog legs.  It sets up well for me.  There's about five holes that are very difficult.  The other ones really set up well for me.

Q.  (Inaudible)?
BUBBA WATSON:  That's what I'm thinking about.  Here, this is just a golf tournament.  Win, lose or draw, it doesn't matter the whole scheme of things.  It would be nice to be a green jacket, but if I don't win it no big deal.
My son is at home, our new son is at home.  Obviously that is more important to me than trying to make a putt to win a golf tournament.

Q.  How tough was it for you to leave?  I mean, obviously it's the Masters?
BUBBA WATSON:  It was very tough.  I wanted to come later, but my wife said no, you need to come in here and practice like normal and don't worry about it.  She was the one that was pushing me to get here early like I normally do.  I wanted to stay home for sure.

Q.  Did you change a lot of diapers before you come?
BUBBA WATSON:  I haven't changed a diaper yet.  I got out of there before that.

Q.  You have already won.
BUBBA WATSON:  I'm winning right now.

Q.  How good does it feel to go into the weekend competing for a championship for the Masters?
BUBBA WATSON:  It feels great.  Obviously this is what we strive to do.  Every golf tournament we try to have a chance on the weekend.  As of right now I think I'm one back or something like that.  So obviously that's a good spot.  At the beginning of the week if somebody had said this is where I would be with two days, I would take that and wouldn't worry about that.

Q.  What is working well for you?
BUBBA WATSON:  Just my mind.  If you look at my stats overall this year, it's pretty good.  My worse finish this year is 18th, so obviously that's pretty good in seven tournaments.  This is my eighth tournament.

Q.  You were in a group with big hitters like yourself.  What kind of advantage do you think that you in particular and your other playing partners have on a course like this especially with a week like this?
BUBBA WATSON:  With it muddy like this and it's soft where the ball is not running, obviously it gives us a better ‑‑ shorter shots into some of the holes.  It's still going to be a long golf course for us, it's just we still have shorter irons than the other guys.
The par 5s are more reachable, more accessible than the ‑‑ if you hit good drives.  If you don't hit good drives, it doesn't matter.  Even though it's long, it still makes it shorter for us, I guess.  I don't know how to word that the right way

Q.  Is it a dramatic advantage, do you think?  Or does it still come down to ‑‑
BUBBA WATSON:  I don't know.  I've never hit it short, so I don't know.  If I start hitting it short, I'll tell you.  It always come down to chipping and putting.  If you go back to every winner of every golf tournament, it's always the guy with top 10 in putting that week.

Q.  What kind of updates are you getting from home?
BUBBA WATSON:  I'm talking to her every day and she sends me pictures every once in a while.  I know everything he's done, everything he's doing.

Q.  What was the preparation this week to get ready?
BUBBA WATSON:  Sleep.  I wasn't sleeping very much at home.  I always get here on Saturday so I can play Sunday when nobody is out here and then do a practice round on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Q.  If you had your druthers, when would you have gotten here?
BUBBA WATSON:  I would have gotten here Wednesday.  No Pro‑Am, so I would have gotten here at the last minute.

Q.  With a new baby, does it give you better perspective on things?
BUBBA WATSON:  I had pretty good perspective already, but now with a kid, obviously it shows that life is not about golf.  You know, I've always had that belief and now it just really proves it that golf is what we do.  Y'all probably do other things besides this, you know.  Y'all probably get bored at this, especially when somebody gives (inaudible) answers all the time.

Q.  Has having a son made you think about your dad a little bit?
BUBBA WATSON:  Oh, for sure.  You know, my mom is going to fly down with me as soon as this tournament is over and spend a week with us.  So my dad not being there, it's going to be tough, yeah.

Q.  You bought the Dukes of Hazard car.  What do you do with that?
BUBBA WATSON:  I drive it. 

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