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April 5, 2012

Bubba Watson


Q.  How was it out there with the course conditions?
BUBBA WASTON:  It was good.  You know, you are going to have some mud balls just on certain holes when you are hitting high tee shots.  I had about at least five today.  I'm thinking around five that I had to play shots differently just because of the mud on the ball.

Q.  And then toward the end of the day with all the wind and the rain, how tough was that out there?
BUBBA WASTON:  That was ‑‑ it was different.  You know, we played about 13 with the wind sort of picking up.  Went about a 3‑hole, 4‑hole stretch and then the last two holes seemed like the wind died down a little bit to make it easier.
You are expecting to play 15 a lot easier, but some guys couldn't even get there because it was dead into the wind.  It felt like 20 miles per hour, probably a little less.  Made it difficult to make birdies coming down the stretch, just trying to make pars and get out of here.

Q.  What were you happy about with your round today?  What are you pleased about?
BUBBA WASTON:  That I finished and there's no bad weather to stop us.  I mean, I shot 69.  I shot 3‑under.  If you are not happy with that then you have got problems.  So I'm pretty happy with it.  Anything under par would have been a great score.  So 3‑under is just that much better.

Q.  And the pins, were the pins tough out there?
BUBBA WASTON:  I didn't think they were that ‑‑ I don't think they were that tough.  Obviously there's going to be some that are tough, some that are easier, but that's every day.  Every day you are going to have easy, tough, middle, you know.

Q.  And how is it playing the Masters with the excitement of your new baby?
BUBBA WASTON:  Well, not that fun because my baby is home and I have to play in the Masters.  We have only ‑‑ hopefully only three more days of golf and then I'll be home again to hang out with my little boy.

Q.  Did your practice routine change at all since you kind of came along right before the Masters?
BUBBA WASTON:  No.  We picked him up on Monday and then I flew here on Saturday just like I normally do.  I normally get here on Saturday so I can practice on Sunday.  So I didn't change my schedule.  My wife took over.  She's down in Florida with the baby and made sure that I could do my same schedule.

Q.  Where did you pick him up from?
BUBBA WASTON:  South Florida.

Q.  And I know Jonathan Byrd just welcomed a new baby as well.  Did you guys talk about that at all together?
BUBBA WASTON:  For sure.  We talked about, especially when we got here and saw face‑to‑face how special that is.  I think he has ‑‑ that's his third now, right?

Q.  Yes.
BUBBA WASTON:  So he's had three, so he understands more than I do.  For me it's still a thrill because it's that first one.

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