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March 9, 2012

Andy Roddick


THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Can you give us an update how you're feeling in terms of your health and where your game is right now?
ANDY RODDICK:  Yeah, I feel fine.  You know, every week is better.  You know, I played three matches in Delray and one in The Garden, and that was in a pretty short period of time.
It was probably more than I have done for a while.  You know, so better and better.

Q.  Even though it was an exhibition, do you think there are things can you take away from your match in The Garden you can apply on this one?
ANDY RODDICK:  I hope so.  Any time there is an option to win or lose a match you want to win, especially against someone like Roger.  A place like Madison Square Garden, obviously it's not a tournament and I certainly understand the relevance of it, but, yeah, I mean, I felt I hit the ball decent.

Q.  You, John Isner, Mike Bryan, Mardy, all have had wins over Roger in different settings and different formats.  Could you talk about that?  That's a pretty interesting development.
ANDY RODDICK:  Well, I hope you're not counting the one on Monday in that equation.  I certainly don't‑‑ I'm not going to certainly start acknowledging that go and peacocking about that at all.
As far as John beating him at Davis Cup and Mardy beating him four years ago here, even Roger missed a ball once.

Q.  Is there a better crowd for doubles than at this tournament?
ANDY RODDICK:  Yeah, well, it seems‑‑ I don't know.  The crowds are great for doubles.  I think the people that play here at this tournament are great, as well.  You know, you get the guys coming off of, you know, breaks sometimes wanting to get a match in before singles.
You know, it's not the end of the tournament.  As far as the swing there is Miami afterwards, so everything kind of lends itself to the guys, the stars of the game playing doubles, which in turn, I think, lends itself to the crowds enjoying it.
Certainly probably everyone looks forward to playing here for whatever reason.  You know, but it seems to always get ‑‑ I think last year it was nine out of the top ten guys, and this year I haven't counted.  But it's a lot of good names in the draw.

Q.  As someone who loves sports, what was it like not only playing play in The Garden, but just to be there?  What went through your head, so many icons?
ANDY RODDICK:  It's great.  I think anybody who's in the industry of entertainment, whether it's basketball or concerts, it's amazing.  You walk through and you see gymnastics, tennis.  You see just kind of anything that's ever kinda‑‑ it's a huge bucket list item that I hadn't had the opportunity to do.
It's not a first‑‑ not a lot of first venues for me of that magnitude.  It was a lot of fun.  I was certainly excited about the opportunity.  It was a great atmosphere.  I mean, you get 18 and a half thousand people in the center of the universe watching tennis and excited about it, it's a good thing.

Q.  The Masters used to be there every year.  Would you like to see the Championships come back to The Garden?
ANDY RODDICK:  I've been asked that, but last I checked they were in the middle of the basketball season.  Getting The Garden for ten days and telling Jeremy Lin to go on the road probably isn't going to happen any time too soon.
So in a fairy tale world, yes; in a realistic scenario, I don't know that that's a possibility.

Q.  I saw yourTwitpic.  Did you actually sit in his locker?
ANDY RODDICK:  I didn't sit in it.  I'm a little too big for that.  I used it for the night.

Q.  Used it for the night?

Q.  Seemed like you were playing a lot more aggressively, especially off your forehand against Roger in that match and sort of keeping points shorter than you had been in Australia and San Jose when I saw you before that.  Is that something you're doing sort of for a tactics change or injury prevention?
ANDY RODDICK:  When you play a little bit more the ball, everything happens a little bit slower.  You feel like you have more time and you can go after it a little bit.  I think the chances of me coming out and hitting the ball great in San Jose were ‑‑ or not playing at all were slim.  So I'm sure it's a mixture of everything.
But, you know, you have to have reps in and you have to be able to see the ball to do things.  If a basketball player hasn'tplayed for a while, he's not going to step out to 28 feet and start launching shots.  Doesn't work like that.

Q.  Do you feel like you have had enough reps coming into this tournament?
ANDY RODDICK:  I've had more, yeah.  I'm in a lot better place than I was two weeks ago, that's for sure.

Q.  With the Olympics coming up, are you putting more emphasis on the doubles matches?
ANDY RODDICK:  No, I don't think so.  I think it's‑‑ any time I play I certainly enjoy playing.  My priority is and will always be singles.  You know, I think when the Olympics comes I'll probably put more emphasis on the doubles matches there.

Q.  How gratifying is it for you to see what Mardy has accomplished at this point in his career?
ANDY RODDICK:  Well, it's been great.  You know, I certainly have always believed he was a top ten talent, you know.  He has a pretty complete game.  He's put in the yards to match the talent and he's seeing the rewards of it.
I'm glad that he's been able to see things, like playing the World Tour Final, you know, and playing Lleyton at Wimbledon and all those things.  I'm glad he's getting to experience those, because I think he should.

Q.  You have sort of come over to the evil side a little bit and been a member of the media with the radio broadcasting.  Could you talk about doing that work, and do you have to filter some of your thoughts?
ANDY RODDICK:  No, they don't want me to filter anything, really.  That was one of the things that was enticing.  I'm not sure that I'll ever sell a story or try to sell you something that I'm not actually thinking, you know.
It's been a fun process.  You know, I think I do it a little bit better when I just go off the cuff.  I was a little too researched on my first couple shows.  I think I live ‑‑ like all of you, I live sports and watch it all the time, anyway.  So, you know, it's something I have enjoyed so far.

Q.  Outside of tennis, favorite sport to comment on?
ANDY RODDICK:  To comment on?  Whatever is going on at the moment.
You know, I mean, nothing beats, you know, NFL and Super Bowl and stuff like that.  That's an event like no other.  That's always fun to lead up.

Q.  What was the status with you playing mixed doubles at the Olympics?  I know there is talk about you and Serena.
ANDY RODDICK:  You have to ask the boss lady.

Q.  It's her call?
ANDY RODDICK:  You have to ask boss lady.

Q.  But you're in if she's in?
ANDY RODDICK:  I'm in.  I'm way far in.

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