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March 8, 2012

Tiger Woods


Q.  Can you just talk about the day?
TIGER WOODS:  It was windy.  (Laughing).
It was just a difficult day.  The wind was blowing putts around, and it was made for a very challenging round.  Par 5s were accurate sets I believe.  You could handle par 5s today and I'm sure the guys who went‑‑ shot some good scores today played the par5s well, because I think just about every one was reachable today.

Q.  Can you talk about the second shot at 8?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, if I try and draw it, I'm going to be fighting against the wind and there's no point.  If I play best and hit it straight, it's in the left bunker; and I can blast it out.  And if it turns with the wind, it will end up on the green, so I went with that play and I hit it solid.  I hit it more through the wind than I thought I would and ended up in a bunker.

Q.  There are a lot of big numbers on 18, how difficult was that playing?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, if you pull it a touch, it doesn't take much.  You can't carry it.  Like Ruby hit a perfect tee shot down 18, now he's up against a palm three and it's a really tough tee shot.  And you know, you've got to hit a really good one, and you've got to hit it hard.  I mean, you've got to hammer it.

Q.  Did the chip on 18 confuse you?
TIGER WOODS:  Oh, my God, I didn't expect it to break that much.  I could have thrown that ball almost on the right fringe.  I didn't expect it to break that much, no.  I played half of that, and obviously it ended up in a pretty bad spot.

Q.  When you hit it in there stiff on No. 1, were you thinking, sort of picking up where you left off Sunday?
TIGER WOODS:  That was the intent.  I got off to a nice start today, hit a lot of good shots, just made a couple mistakes with iron shots and cost me two shots right in a row there at 4 and 5 and then after that, I played some really solid golf and just was couldn't quite make enough birdies.

Q.  Was it hard to pick a club today?
TIGER WOODS:  It was gusty and changed directions every now and then.  For some reason I kept hitting every drive in the first cut so it added and compounded the problem, because now you're‑‑ is it going to play, not going to fly; is it going to go through the wind or is it going to get killed by the wind.  Just kept compounding the problem, and I had to consequently play very conservative on a lot of the shots.

Q.  How is it to be back at this course that you've had so much success, you must really enjoy playing here?
TIGER WOODS:  I do.  I like the routing.  I know we have got, what, probably seven more rounds on it before it's done.  So enjoy it before they redo it again.

Q.  Mr.Trump was here; did you have any interaction with him?
TIGER WOODS:  I saw him this morning, yeah, said hi before I warmed up.

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