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February 24, 2012

Angela Stanford


MIKE SCANLAN:  We would like to welcome second round co‑leader Angela Stanford to the interview room, 8‑under par overall following a 2‑under par 70 today.  Very hot one out there.  If you would, just take us through your day and how things went for you.
ANGELA STANFORD:  Got off to kind of a shaky start.  It was pretty hot when we started, and you know, I think sometimes you get the feeling that‑‑ yesterday, I kind of got the feeling that it might be a good day.  And then today, I didn't really know what kind of day it's going to be.
So I just tried to make as many pars as I could and put myself in position that if there's a chance the ball goes in the hole, that's good.  But really, just tried to give myself some opportunities.
MIKE SCANLAN:  Katie was in just a few minutes ago, saying how you guys are pretty close, and she made some complimentary statements about your game and your tenacity out there.  If you would, give us your thoughts on her game and whether you think she's poised to kind of break out.
ANGELA STANFORD:  You know, Katie has been playing really good for the last year, year and a half.  It's fun to watch one of your friends‑‑ I don't know how long she's been on Tour, but it's fun to watch your friend kind of get into their groove out here and start playing well.
You know, it's bound to happen.  Her demeanor on the course, I think if I could have anything, I would want her demeanor on the course.  She's pretty easygoing and not much bothers her.  So that's definitely a strength that she has.
MIKE SCANLAN:  Funny, because she said she wanted to be as competitive as you are, but she said you needed to smile more out there; what are your thoughts about that.
ANGELA STANFORD:  That's about right.  She says that to me all the time.  But I'll smile if I make a birdie (chuckling).
MIKE SCANLAN:  Just talk about heading into the weekend, tied for the lead, in good shape, kind of what's the game plan.
ANGELA STANFORD:  Well, I think there are a few holes out here that you can take advantage of with certain pin placements and others that you just have to take your par and go.
I think it gets harder as the tournament goes along to be patient, and so I'm really going to try to stay focussed on playing my game and taking advantage of the holes that I feel like I can take advantage of, and then being okay with par.  Like I said, it will be tougher tomorrow and really tough on Sunday to do.  But that's the game plan.
Where's my little ‑‑ inaudible.
MIKE SCANLAN:  I'll ask the question:  Did you hit all your shots flush today?
ANGELA STANFORD:  No, it wasn't as bad as yesterday‑‑ but I thought for sure she would ask me a question.

Q.  What are some of the key differences between yesterday and today?
ANGELA STANFORD:  You know, if I could answer that question, I would write a book and make millions and millions of dollars.  You know, it's really weird, and maybe this is just me, but it seems like every day is different.  Your body feels‑‑ you might be more tired one day or have a little more energy another day.  I can't figure it out.  It's really weird.
You know, if anything, I'm learning that when I started today, I knew that I didn't quite have that much energy, and so at least I'm starting to recognise it a little earlier in the round.
You know, I don't know.  I felt more tired this morning and the heat didn't help right off the bat.  So, it's weird.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a little more energy.  Yesterday I had a lot of energy.  So, I don't know.

Q.  At any point did you look up on the leaderboard‑‑
ANGELA STANFORD:  To be perfectly honest, I was encouraged that midway through the front nine, nobody was making a huge charge.  So that helped me stay patient throughout the day.
But those pin placements were tough today.  There were not many that you could just go after and they were tucked and so it doesn't surprise me that the scores were not extremely‑‑ I haven't really looked at them, but I thought the pins were a lot tougher today.

Q.  (Inaudible.).
ANGELA STANFORD:  Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of energy.
So, again, off the bat, I just didn't feel like I was all there.  That really made me appreciate par a little bit more.  And then, I think if you can kind of get into, where, par is okay, then all of a sudden you start hitting some good shots and then you start having some opportunities.  But I think that's the big difference.  I didn't lose my head early in the round.  I think if I would have, it probably could have gone a different way.
But just being patient and accepting par at the beginning and knowing that my swing wasn't quite right, and then kind of get in and get comfortable in the round and have more chances.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
ANGELA STANFORD:  You know, Saturdays are always interesting here.  I don't know why I remember this, but it seems like Saturdays are‑‑ I know it's always moving day, but more so here.  I don't know why.  I don't know where Yani is, but I expect she'll have a good day tomorrow.  The great players always find a way to make a run, and it's usually Saturday here.
So I would imagine scores are going to be a little bit lower tomorrow but I don't think there's going to be a great separation of scores.  I think everybody is going to just kind of go low together.
MIKE SCANLAN:  Thanks for coming in.

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