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February 19, 2012

Phil Mickelson


PHIL MICKELSON:  I was very tentative on the greens today.  I wasn't trying to be.  I was trying to knock them in, but they just weren't as fast as I was perceiving them to be.  That last putt was one I just gave it a good aggressive roll and it went right in the middle.

Q.  Are you surprised that the putt at 17 didn't go in?
PHIL MICKELSON:  It was sure right in the middle.  It needed a little bit more roll.  I missed the 3‑wood to the right of the green.  I shouldn't have done that.  I had to be left and I could have chipped across it, so I just put that ball in the wrong spot.

Q.  Can you talk about the West Coast, started poorly but finished great?
PHIL MICKELSON:  Yeah, these last two weeks have been good.  I'll have two weeks off here.  I've got some work I've got to do and see if I can get my game sharp.  I'll start at Doral and I'll play Doral, and the week after I'll talk off, but I'll still be practicing getting ready for the run up to Augusta.

Q.  On 16 you said something to Steve Rintoul about the scoreboards.  You didn't see any on the back nine?
PHIL MICKELSON:  I didn't see one for four holes, and then when I did, it never had the lead.  It was a bunch of other stuff going on.  It's just frustrating.
But it's no big deal.  It didn't affect the tournament.  I was just pointing that out so maybe he could say something for next time.

Q.  This was a day that you seemed to be fighting all day long.  Tell me about the emotion of that putt on the 72nd hole and then also the playoff, as well.
PHIL MICKELSON:  I kept fighting, and I was giving away shots and was trying to let it go and move on and see if I could capture one, and I finally got one to go on 18.  It felt great.  I kind of let out some emotion because it had been going on for so long.  14, 15, three‑putting those holes and not birdieing 16, and should have birdied 17.  If I miss it left of the pin, I'm all right.  I made some‑‑ I put the ball in the wrong spot sometimes.

Q.  What was the challenge of this golf course today and how do you feel you handled it?
PHIL MICKELSON:  Well, it was very U.S. Open‑esque.  You could see by 10 where you're having to play defense, Bill wins it, but he had to play 60 feet away from 30 yards.  It was very defensive because the greens were so firm, the pins were tough, and although there was no rough, it had kind of a U.S. Open feel.

Q.  When will we see you next and what will you work on?
PHIL MICKELSON:  I have two weeks off.  I'll get back at Doral and I'll take the week off and then play a couple heading up to Augusta, and that's when I'll start back up is at Doral working with Butch getting ready for Augusta.

Q.  One more about the atmosphere on the last and what this tournament meant as far as the electricity there.
PHIL MICKELSON:  Yeah, it's a really cool feel here at this tournament.  It's been fun for me playing and playing well in this event.  The last five years I've really enjoyed my time here and the people have be terrific.  That amphitheater effect on 18 is really cool that not many courses provide, and it's special to be here.

Q.  And the playoff hole on 10, just kind of go through that if you could.
PHIL MICKELSON:  Well, Bill hit a tremendous putt.  We're thinking it's a very difficult 3, it's a defensive hole.  You're just trying to make 4 believe it or not.  It's only 290 yards, 280 yards, but you're trying to make par.  He ended up making a 50‑, 60‑footer and that's going to do it.

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