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February 10, 2012

Tiger Woods


Q.  How would you assess your day?
TIGER WOODS:  It was decent.  Drove it good again today, unfortunately just didn't make enough birdies.  The golf course got a little interesting coming in.  The greens had a little movement to them, so I just had to hit the ball closer.

Q.¬† It became dry then misty, and then a full‑fledged rain.¬† What is the most difficult challenge when the weather changes to day?
TIGER WOODS:  The wind was pretty constant all day, which was nice.  The hard part was hitting the ball in there where can you keep a free run.  I was hitting the ball in the wrong spots.  Got sliders or downhill putts, and the greens started to get a little bit bumpy with the softer conditions.
The downhill putts just aren't going to go in.  So I had to leave myself in better spots than I did.

Q.  Is this one of those scenarios where 68 was maybe the worst you could have shot?
TIGER WOODS:  Absolutely, absolutely.

Q.  The key tomorrow at Pebble Beach going back there and all the memories that you've had there, how much fun and how much are you looking forward to that?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I'm 6 back.  So I need to make something happen a little bit over there.
The lead's not going to‑‑ there are too many guys between myself and the lead.¬† Some of the guys will be coming over here and playing Monterey.¬† So I'm looking forward to seeing those low scores, so I've got to go get it tomorrow.

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