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February 2, 2012

Kyle Stanley


Q.  One thing I heard you say last Sunday night was, I hit an awful lot of good shots during the week.  You've carried that over into this week and you came out firing.  You hit an awful lot of good shots early in the round.
KYLE STANLEY:  Yeah, I did.  Teed off on 10, played pretty good on that back nine, made a couple bogeys late but drove the ball really well.  You know, hit it decent, hit a couple wedges that didn't respond the way I thought they were going to, but other than that, I'm pretty pleased.  There's a lot of golf left.

Q.  First time around this golf course, and the wind kind of came up in the second nine, as well, for you.  How steep is the learning curve here compared to some of the other courses we play?
KYLE STANLEY:¬† It's pretty straightforward.¬† A couple of the par‑3s are difficult.¬† I think it was 7 maybe with that pin, and you're hitting 4‑ or 5‑iron in there, so it's tough to access that one.¬† But the golf course is pretty straightforward.¬† If you hit a lot of drivers you can shorten it up a little bit, and looking forward to tomorrow.

Q.  Do you feel good about what happened today, 69 to start?
KYLE STANLEY:  I mean, yeah, it's Thursday, so I'll take it.

Q.¬† How good was it to get up there and tee off and put everything‑‑
KYLE STANLEY:  I mean, it was good.  Like I said from the beginning, this is an event that's always been on the schedule, never thought about taking it off.  It was just good to be out there.  It was almost therapeutic in a way.

Q.  What kind of reaction did you get from the fans and stuff like that?
KYLE STANLEY:  It was great.  They were very supportive, very nice.

Q.  You've got to feel great about the way you're playing.
KYLE STANLEY:  Yeah, yeah, I started off well, definitely left a few out there, but you know, like I said, it's Thursday, and we're just getting started.

Q.  You've had a big outpouring of support, too.
KYLE STANLEY:  Yeah, it's been great.  I said on Tuesday, I'm kind of overwhelmed by it.  It's really nice to know that you have people behind you, and I certainly appreciate it.

Q.  Did you hear anything in particular from the crowd?
KYLE STANLEY:  Just a lot of "go Kyles" and stuff like that.

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