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December 4, 2011

Paul Casey


Q.  Paul, comment on a strange week for you there.
PAUL CASEY:¬† Yeah, I mean the first round I played golf swing.¬† As you know, there is very little time offfor some of these guys, including myself, in the off‑season.
Worked hard on the swing with Costas the last week.  Walked out there and just played golf swing.  You can't do that on any golf course, let alone Sherwood.  It's pretty tricky.
That was reflected in the score, and then I threw that out the window and tried to go out with a good attitude and a fresh scorecard.  Last three days have been very good.

Q.  Did you feel like you were at all, at any time today, close enough to put some pressure on?
PAUL CASEY:¬† I didn't look at the leaderboard until 16.¬† I hit a wonderful 4‑iron into 16 that landed just short of the green and failed to roll onto the green.
I wanted to make that putt.  I felt like if I could make that, that would have thrown me to 6.  Is that right?
And I knew that pin position was going to be there on 18.  17 is pretty short.  Who knows?  I could have thrown in a couple more and got in the clubhouse at like 7, 8.

Q.  Right, which is where they're at.
PAUL CASEY:¬† Yeah.¬† I didn't think about it too much.¬† Although I said I didn't play golf swing for the last three days, I was still fighting it.¬† I didn't quite have the game I would like, but I'm actually very happy in terms grinding it out and good course management and all the other things I had to do considering I didn't have the ball‑striking.
I was really happy.

Q.  You know the course, too.  You think this helped you?
PAUL CASEY:¬† Yeah, I think it does.¬† I know where to hit it and where not it hit it around here, which is probably just as important.¬† There's a lot of areas around this golf course, you get it on the wrong side and it's an impossible up‑and‑down or an impossible putt.
I don't know how many of these I've played.  This might be the fifth.  I would have to look at records.  It definitely helps.  Standing there on the tee I feel very comfortable.

Q.  I was researching that and had to jump off and get down here.
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, don't be jumping.

Q.  I had five, but you might have had more.  I don't know.
PAUL CASEY:  Definitely five.  I'm not sure if it's six.
But it's a course that I really enjoy playing.  Fans are great.  I mean, the whole place, the whole week is a wonderful week.

Q.  Can you use the momentum of the last three days as a leaping off for the season coming up?
PAUL CASEY:¬† Yeah.¬† I've got to take the good out of today‑‑ the last three days‑‑ which was the way I conducted myself after shooting 79.
Yeah, just try and build on it for next season.  It will be great when I can put this year behind me.  It's been a frustrating season, and looking forward to next year already.
I've got to play Dubai next week.¬† I got the 16‑and‑half‑hour plane journey on Monday.

Q.  What about the beginning of 2012?
PAUL CASEY:  I'm going to be in South Africa.  The Volvo championship I won in Baharain.  We're going to Africa for that tournament this year, or next, 2012.
So I'll go down there, play a few in the Middle East, and then the first event on the U.S. soil will be match play.

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