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November 25, 2011

Ian Poulter

Justin Rose


Q.  Tell us about the round, particularly the back nine.
IAN POULTER:¬† The back nine was very good after three bogeys on that front side, which was really frustrating I think.¬† When we reflect on today, obviously 5‑under on the back side is great, a couple of really good looks at making that 7‑under on the back nine, which would have been a really awesome finish.
But I think it's more about probably the shots that we dropped today on that front side, which leaves us a little bit frustrated.

Q.  But the eagle came at a very good time.
IAN POULTER:  It was the right time.  Justin hit a great shot and I managed to roll the putt in.
Yeah, they definitely help in this format.

Q.  When it happens as it happened on that front nine, do you find yourself inevitably frustrated, but feeling the chance has gone or having to putt the foot down and knowing that there are opportunities?
IAN POULTER:  You know, I said to Justin standing on the 10th green, we have got 45 holes to play, we are seven behind.  If we make seven birdies, there's 38 other holes yet to play golf, it's as simple as that, we make five from there.  We put ourselves back in position.
It's all about foursomes really. ¬†You've got to play well in four‑ball, that goes without saying.¬† But foursomes is where you can make a difference, and 5‑under on the back nine has made the difference and put us back in with a shout.

Q.  After the first day, presumably it's a case of not playing yourself out of the tournament.  You might not have been in an ideal position, but you were nicely involved.
IAN POULTER:  We got off to the same start we have done when we played this World Cup before, a slow start.  I had done the same when Ross and I played, and you know, it's frustrating, because you see some scores on the board early and you think your miles behind.
Foursomes definitely separates this field.  You're going to see some good scores tomorrow but it will come down to the foursomes again on Sunday.

Q.  Presumably you know what storming finishes you are capable of.
IAN POULTER:¬† Yeah, 5‑under on the back nine is a very good finish.¬† I shouldn't think many other guys will go lower than 5‑under on that back side.¬† It is very good in foursomes to do that.

Q.  Because you've come from well off the pace to give yourself a chance before.
IAN POULTER:  You're never out of it.  Foursomes is that type of format.  We have got it twice this week, and one of those is out of the way and we have shot under par.  So I think we are pretty happy to be in position to go out tomorrow and be aggressive.

Q.  On 18, after you finished, what's your thought?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† We had a good back nine today.¬† We were 5‑under par on the back nine, so Ian and I were struggling a little bit on the front nine, so we feel very good about things, the way we turned it around.
Obviously we had some putts today that we would liked to make obviously but that's the game of golf.  You're not going to make every putt.  Disappointing just to hit a weak putt on 18, low to the right.  Sometimes it's not easy.  The greens right now are fairly slow.  So you need to strike the putt really well to get a good roll.  I just didn't hit it properly and it breaks away.

Q.  This is the second day of competition.  Tomorrow what's the plan for you guys?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† I think the plan is very much the same as the first day.¬† We would like to have two putts for birdie every hole.¬† I think it's very easy in better‑ball competition to get too aggressive.¬† I start to miss greens and then your partner starts hitting defensive putts because of that, so to really give yourself two looks on every green for birdie.
I think Ian has not  holed a putt yet this week, and he's a great putter and he's beginning to hit some good putts.  I expect the hole to open up for him and for him to make some birdies for him tomorrow and I'll do my best to make as many as I can, as well.
I think we have a low score in us, whether it is four‑ball or foursomes, I really feel that Ian and I are capable of shooting in the region of 15‑ to 18‑under for the last two rounds.¬† So if we can do that, play to our potential, we've still got a good chance.

Q.  Just tell me about your feeling of this World Cup, are you happy with the course, the weather?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, I think Mission Hills Haikou is a great venue for this.  It's really fun to stay on site, so many things to do, great spa, great pools, good way to relax off the golf course.  And the golf course is fun.  You know, quite wide from the tee.  Everybody can get it going forward.  But to get close to the hole, you've got to hit some good shots, and with the wind blowing every day makes it definitely.
But really enjoying the World Cup.  It's always an honour to represent your country, and always good to be in China, which it's obviously a growing, growing game over here.

Q.  Is the wind a problem for you?  Yesterday I talked to Scotland team and they said they liked the wind.
IAN POULTER:  Sure.  Sure.  I think the wind for me, we felt the wind was going to make the better teams come to the top, because it does make the course more difficult, and the course is very wide open from the tee.
So we felt that to get the ball close to the hole, you've got to hit good iron shots and that the better teams will come through by Sunday.  So I like the wind.  The wind is a good thing.

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