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November 20, 2011

Tiger Woods


Q. Second time you've scored the decisive point, this has to feel awfully good?
TIGER WOODS: It does feel good. I was hoping it wouldn't come down to my point. I was hoping that Stricks and I could take a victory lap back here. But we didn't get off to a good start early. I was telling Joey on the range, it's probably going to many could down to the last four matches.
We needed to get our point so we went out there and played really well today, and put a lot of heat on Badds.

Q. You've heard it, you've read it, and there are those that questions your pick by Fred Couples. You told Fred you would be ready. You were ready. What happened?
TIGER WOODS: I played well week. Unfortunately I didn't putt well -- I'm sorry, I didn't make putts. I hit putts well, but they just weren't going in. Caught a lot of lips the first three days, first four matches.
Today was a different deal. I for some reason felt it, and they where are pouring right in there.

Q. You said you found your stroke. Where and when did it come to you?
TIGER WOODS: On the putting green. I was listening to some dude behind me here giving a little putting tip about releasing the blade a little bit.

Q. Who is that dude, Stricks?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, whatever he says about putting, I'm going to listen to.

Q. Why not go to the master.
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely. He basically was talking about ball position and releasing the toe. Thought I would just try it, and it felt good, and all of a sudden I got into my natural kind of body position, and I wasn't dragging the blade anymore. I wasn't over-releasing the blade. Just right on the line, toe was moving and it felt great.

Q. Talk about sealing the deal for the United States.
TIGER WOODS: Kind of a double-edged sword. I was hoping it wasn't going to come down to us. I was telling Stricks, I was hoping we could have a victory lap back here and play the last few holes and have a celebration.
We didn't have a good start as a team, and just thought it was going to come down to DT and myself and Stricks. We needed to make sure we put some red up there early and give the boys up in front of us some kind of comfort that we have got their back right behind them. For some reason it just came down to my match.

Q. We saw the passion that you had on the golf course and the fun you've been having with your teammates, considering that your game may not have been its best coming into this event, what did this event do for you?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I played really well last week. I just had one bad day, and one bad putting day. This week, I played even better, and a lot of putts, they just didn't go in.
But today was a different deal. Stricks gave a little lesson on the putting green, and whatever he says about putting, I'm going to do. So all of a sudden, I found my natural body position, I started seeing the lines, my toe started moving again, I could feel the release and just felt really good.
Now I've got a week off and play Chevron, so really looking forward to that.

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