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November 16, 2011

Bubba Watson


Q. Talk about going out in the first game with Webb.
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, I think it will be a great match, I get nervous and jittery so I want to go out first and get that out of the way instead of waiting all day.
Ernie Els is a great player, true champion, awesome to go around and watch him play golf and Ryo Ishikawa being a young guy and being a stud from his country, it's going to be fun watching him. I've never got to play with him or watch him hit balls, should be fun, should be a good match.

Q. What are you going to do alternate-shot-wise tomorrow?
BUBBA WATSON: Hope I'm going to hit good shots. I'm not hitting many drivers out here, hitting a lot of irons, so hopefully I'll hit lots of fairways. He's a great putter.
I haven't looked at the holes yet to see who is going to putt the most but obviously we are going to try to get him to putt the most. I think that belly putter is working pretty good.

Q. Have you spoken to Tiger since the draw came out?
BUBBA WATSON: No, I have not seen him. We played early, we played eight holes and I went to the range so I haven't seen anybody on my team except Webb and Furyk. That's the only two guys I've seen play.

Q. Happy with that match-up?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, I think all of the matchups are good. I don't care who he's paired with, as long as he plays good and wins a point, we are good.

Q. Is it nice to get that out of the way? There's been a lot of talk the last few weeks?
BUBBA WATSON: There's been a lot of talk from you guys. Our team could care less. We care about playing ping-pong and eating some pizza last night after the gala.
But it's all you guys. Nobody cares. It's golf. He's trying to kill whoever it is he's playing and try to get that point, same thing I'm trying to do.

Q. Speaking of the gala --
BUBBA WATSON: With that music -- obviously I didn't sing very well. It was fun she called me out of the crowd. I was a little nervous, but stayed out of her way enough. She sounded pretty good.

Q. Following on what Fred said about Webb Simpson and you wanting to go out together --
BUBBA WATSON: We are really good friends. Webb loves to pitch his shots, and that's the same way I play golf. Two good friends, we battled earlier this year and I got lucky to be in the playoff, and we called each other before we went to the final round that day.
We are just two good friends, so why not two good friends play together and be played with someone you really want to play with and know. Makes it easier. He knows when I'm mad and I know when he's mad; it's easier to be good teammates that way.

Q. A lot is made of local knowledge being an advantage for the home team here and you only played eight holes today, are you pretty confident with where you're at with this whole course?
BUBBA WATSON: You know, home-field advantage, course knowledge, if you don't hit the ball well, you don't put good, doesn't matter what you know about the course. It's all about just striking the ball well and making a few putts. So we got to practicing a little bit. I don't over think it too much, so it's going to be a fun match.
But yeah, I like the course. It's in great shape but it's a target golf course. Everybody is just hitting the same positions off the tees and hitting their irons into the greens.

Q. The first hole, you never considered driving in foursomes?
BUBBA WATSON: Oh, the first hole -- it all depends on the wind. I'm going to hit driver if the wind is in the right direction, just try to get it down there just short of the green and hopefully my partner will be close or if we are playing our own ball I will chip it close.
If the wind cooperates the way I want it to -- the wind is different for me than somebody else, if it's for me, just play short, not to get on the green, but just to the right of the green.

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